Library Course Assessment for
GRK 104
Modern Greek for Reading Comprehension

May 25 , 2004


This is the Library's assessment for GRK 104 Modern Greek for Reading Comprehension. This is a first year course in Modern Greek that will be offered via Distance Education with an expected enrolment of 30-40. It will be first offered in Fall 2005 and every semester thereafter as an elective course.

Course Materials

Print and electronic materials will be developed by the course authors for the purpose of delivering this as a Distance Education course. Readings will be provided. There are no assignments on the course outline that indicate that additional readings will be required by students in this course.

The Library will provide Greek language and Greek-English/English-Greek dictionaries. These items are already in the collection. No additional Library resources will be required.

Costs:  There are no new library costs associated with this course.

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