Library Course Assessment for
Gerontology 409

August 14, 2004 (as Gerontology 411)
revised December 13, 2004 (as Gerontology 409)

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This is the Library report for Gerontology 411 Mental Health and Aging. It will first be offered in 2005-1 and every other year thereafter and will be an elective course for the the diploma and minor programs in Gerontology. It has been offered twice successfully as a Special Topics course and was adequately supported by the Library.


SFU Library monograph holdings were analyzed using Library of Congress Subject Headings. SFU holdings are listed below, and include only the books on the main headings, not the sub-headings associated with these. Belzberg Library holdings are listed first, and overall SFU holdings in brackets.

Aging, Psychological aspects 25 [129]
Brain, aging 2 [21]
Depression in old age 6 [10]
Geriatric neuropsychiatry 1 [6]
Geriatric psychiatry 19 [97]
Mental illness 1 [100]
Nervous system, aging 1 [9]
Older people - Alcohol use 4 [11]
Older people - Counseling of 4 [9]
Older people - Drug use 4 [13]
Older people - Mental health 15 [37]
Older people - Psychology 28 [129]
Older people - Sexual behavior 0 [11]
Older people - Suicidal behavior 2 [6]
Post-traumatic stress disorder in old age 0 [1]
Psychotherapy for older people 7 [15]

There is one book on the course reading list that is not held in the SFU Library. A copy should be acquired for the Belzberg collection. This can be covered from the regular budget allocataion for Gerontology.

Generativity and adult development : how and why we care for the next generation / edited by Dan P. McAdams, Ed de St. Aubin. Am Psychological Assn. 1557984700. 1998. $54

The Library is actively collecting in this subject area, and has adequate monograph holdings to support this course.


The SFU Library provides access to the following journals, either by direct subscription or via aggregated database, that will provide useful material for students in this course.

Aging and mental health
American journal of psychiatry
Behavior therapy
Canadian journal of psychiatry
Canadian Medical Association Journal
Clinical gerontologist
Gerontology & geriatrics education
Death studies
Journal of abnormal psychology
Journal of aging and health
Journal of gerontological social work
Journal of mental health and aging
The Journals of gerontology: series B, psychological sciences and social sciences
Professional psychology: research and practice
Psychiatric services
Psychological medicine
Psychology and aging

The Library has adequate serial holdings to support this course.

Bibliographic Tools

The following bibliographic tools, provided by Library license, will be useful for students in this course, and will be adequate for finding appropriate literature:


Costs: there are no new library costs associated with this course.