Library Assessment for the Centre for Forensic Research

May 4, 2007

This is the Library's report on the proposed Centre for Forensic Research.

The SFU Library supports the establishment of this Centre as outlined in the proposal. The SFU Library is actively collecting monographs in the area of forensic research. Our journal holdings may need to be updated in order to adequately support this centre.

The SFU library provides access to the following journals that will useful in supporting the research needs of this Centre:

American journal of forensic medicine and pathology
British journal of forensic practice
Digital investigation
Forensic science international
Forensic science review
International journal of legal medicine
Journal of forensic sciences
Journal of the forensic science society
Regulatory toxicology and pharmacology : RTP
Science & justice

Suggested titles to acquire:

American journal of forensic psychiatry $101
Forensic science abstracts $2,163
Journal of forensic identification $202
Journal of investigative medicine $368
Medicine, science, and the law $155
Wound ballistics review $57

Cost of above titles: $2,996
The above titles are suggestions only. The library would base subscriptions on recommendations of faculty associated with this Centre.


The SFU library is currently actively collecting in the area of forensic sciences. No further monograph resources required.

Cost if any additional subscriptions are required by centre faculty: $2,996