New FHS / Faculty of Health Sciences Graduate Programs

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This is the Library's assessment for the newly proposed PhD and MSc in the Faculty of Health Sciences. There are several new courses proposed for the PhD program, but the MSc program will be structured around existing courses. There is also a proposed joint interdisciplinary program (MSc and PhD) focusing on infectious diseases. This joint interdisciplinary program will be known as ILIAD: Interdisciplinary Learning in Infectiously Acquired Diseases.

Overall, the Library is actively collecting in subject areas to support these degrees. One exception is infectious diseases. We will have to expand both our monograph and journal collections in order to fully support these programs at the graduate level.

New Courses

The following new courses are being proposed for the PhD program:

HSCI 800-3: Introductory Statistics for the Health Sciences
HSCI 805-3: Intermediate Epidemiologic Methods
HSCI 806-5: Research Paradigms in the Health Sciences
HSCI 899-6: PhD Thesis
HSCI 901-1: Practicum Preparation Seminar
HSCI 902-3: PhD Seminar

The Library's current collecting activity is sufficient to support all of the above courses. No additional resources to support them are required.


With the increased focus on Infectious Diseases, the library will need to expand our collection in these areas. The related Blackwell's subject headings will need to be turned on to books. This will generate approximately 50 new titles per year at an average book cost of $113.

Total monograph costs: $5,650


As with monographs, the library will need to expand our collection in the area of infectious diseases. The Library currently provides access to some infectious disease journals including:

Lancet Infectious Diseases
Emerging Infectious Diseases
Current Opinion in Infectious Diseases
Infection and Immunity

In order to provide a full complement of infectious disease journals with the highest impact factors, the Library will need to acquire subscriptions to the following:

Clinical Infectious Diseases
Journal of Infectious Disease
--combined subscription for both of the above titles: $1,106
Antiviral therapy $1,826

Total journal costs: $2,932

Total Costs

Total ongoing costs to the Faculty of Health Sciences: $8,582