ENSC 388 Engineering Thermodynamics and Heat Transfer

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February 29, 2008


This is the Library's assessment of ENSC 388: Engineering Thermodynamics and Heat Transfer. This course is replacing PHYS 344 in the Mechatronics Program at SFU Surrey. It will first be offered in the Fall of 2009 and annually thereafter with an estimated enrollment of 50 students.


Relevant Subject headings related to this course and the SFU library's holdings are as follows. The first numbers are the holdings at SFU Surrey. Numbers in parentheses ( ) are holdings across all three SFU Libraries.

thermodynamics 35 (451)
heat transmission 12 (125)
energy transfer 2 (25)

These subject areas are currently outside the collecting scope of SFU Surrey. Additionally, the majority of the holdings in these subject areas at Surrey are electronic books that we provide access to via large package subscriptions. This means that SFU Surrey will have to expand their collecting activities and add relevant subject headings to their profile with our major book wholesaler. There is a need to establish a monograph collection including core reference texts as well as supporting monographs. This collection will need to be maintained over time.

Twenty titles will need to be purchased to form a core collection,( including reference texts ).
20 books x average book cost of $124 = $2,480

The following subject headings will need to be added to the Surrey profile:

5750500 physical thermodynamics
57505065 physical heat transfer
57500200 thermal physics - general
57505035 Statistical thermodynamics

This will generate approximately 20 books/year. Of these it is estimated that 15 will be selected.
10 books/year at an average book cost of $124 = $1,240


The library currently provides access to the following journals that will prove useful for this course:

Journal of applied mechanics and technical physics
Heat transfer engineering
Thermochimica acta
Journal of chemical thermodynamics
International journal of heat and mass transfer
International journal of thermal sciences
Heat transfer: Japanese research.
Heat transfer, Asian research / Cosponsored by the Society of Chemical Engineers of Japan and the Heat Transfer Division of the ASME.

No additional journal subscriptions are required.

Bibliographic Tools

The library subscribes to a variety of bibliographic tools that will support this course, including MATERIALSnetBASE, Web of Science, IEEE/IEE Electronic Library. A complete list of Physics databases can be found here: http://cufts2.lib.sfu.ca/CRDB/BVAS/browse/facets/subject/580

Total Costs

One-time costs: $2,480
Ongoing costs: $1,240