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EDUC 835 | EDUC 872 | EDUC 799 | EDUC 800
Total Costs


This is the library's assessment for:

EDUC 835 Multilingualism, language acquisition and language learning in the school context;
EDUC 872 Ethics in Counselling Psychology
EDUC 799 Supervised Counselling Clinic I
EDUC 800 Supervised Counselling Clinic II

EDUC 835: Multilingualism, language acquisition and language learning in the school context

This course will first be offered in September 2007 on the Burnaby Campus and annually thereafter with an estimated enrolment of 12-15 students. The language of instruction is French.


The following list of titles from the reading list are currently not in our collection. A copy of each title will need to be purchased.

Former et éduquer en contexte hétérogène Publisher : ANTHROPOS ISBN : 9782717846324 (692494) 2717846328 $46

Pluralité linguistique et culturelle dans la formation des enseignants. Author(s) Allemann-Ghionda Cristina ; Goumoëns Claire de ; Perregaux Christiane
Publisher Fribourg : Editions universitaires de Fribourg , 1999 Isbn 2827108461 $47

Cummins, Jim, 1949- An introductory reader to the writings of Jim Cummins / edited by Colin Baker and Nancy H. Hornberger. [Multilingual Matters, - 2001] ISBN: 1-85359-476-8 $130

De la didactique des langues à la didactique du plurilinguisme hommage à Louise Dabène Author(s) textes réunis par Jacqueline Billiez Publisher Grenoble : Laboratoire Lidilem-Université Stendhal , 1998 Isbn 2951071469 $35

L'éveil aux langues à l'école primaire Evlang, bilan d'une innovation européenne Author(s) Candelier Michel Author(s) préf. Louise Dabène Collection Pratiques pédagogiques Publisher Bruxelles : De Boeck Université-Bruxelles , 2003 Isbn 2804139581 $57

La langue maternelle en classe de langue étrangère Author(s) Castellotti Véronique Collection Didactique des langues étrangères Publisher Paris : Clé international, 2001 Isbn 2090333448 $21

Chiss, J.L. & Boyzon-Fradet, D. (1997), Enseigner en classe hétérogène, Paris, Nathan $27

Girodet, M.A. L'influence des cultures sur les pratiques quotidiennes de calcul. 1996. Collection Credif-Essais, Didier, Paris. $22

Rites d'interaction Publisher : MINUIT ISBN : 9782707300225 (113393) 2707300227 $32

Représentations sociales Les Publisher : PR UNIV DE FRANCE ISBN : 9782130485704 (35376) 2130485707 $78

La notion de contact de langues en didactique Author(s) dir. Pierre Martinez Collection Notions en questions 4 Publisher Fontenay-aux-Roses : ENS Ed. , 2000 Isbn 2902126786 $28

Images et représentations sociales de la théorie des représentations à l'étude des images sociales Author(s) : Moliner Pascal Publisher : Presses Universitaires de Grenoble, 1996 Isbn : 2706107022 $31

Le français dans l'espace francophone Volume : Vol. 1 Author(s) : Didier Robillard et Michel Ben 1993. Paris, Champion. Isbn : 2852035030 $53

The Bilingualism reader / edited by Li Wei. Routledge. 0415213355. 9780415213356. R8-193145. 2000. $119

not available for purchase:

Plurilinguisme urbain de Moussirou-Mou Calvet Éditeur : Klincksieck (décembre 7, 1980) ISBN : 2854606183

Les origines du savoir, des conceptions des apprenants aux concepts scientifiques. Giordan, A. & Vecchi, G. 1987. Paris, Neuchatel, Delachaux et Niestle.

Total for above monographs: $726


The following journal appears multiple times on the reading list for this course. The Library currently does not subscribe to this journal and will need to acquire a subscription.

Babylonia $67 ISSN: 1420-0007
The Faculty of Education has serials credits. The subscription to the journal could be paid for using serials credits if the Faculty of Education agrees.

Total ongoing journal costs: $67

EDUC 872: Ethics in Counselling Psychology

This course will first be offered in the Summer of 2007 on the Burnaby Campus. It will be offered annually with an estimated enrolment of 15. In the future, this course may be offered on the Surrey Campus. This report provides costs for both options.

The following books from the reading list are unavailable at either the WAC Bennett Library or on the Surrey Campus:

Professional conduct and discipline in psychology American Psychological Association. 1557983720. 9781557983725. 1st ed. N5-941595. 1996. $17

Schulz, William E. Counselling ethics casebook 2000 [Canadian Counselling Assoc. - 2000]  ISBN: 0-9697966-1-7 $20

Balancing Conflicting Interests: A Counsellor's Guide to the Legal Process McEvoy, M. & Reid, G. 1997. Vancouver, BC: Justice Institute of BC $40

Lambert, T. (1999) Public health risk communication: Ethical Considerations. In Ethics in the New Age: Vol. 2, 1999. available online from $15

Plante, Thomas G. Do the right thing : living ethically in an unethical world New Harbinger Publications. 1572243643. 9781572243644. X3-J19025. 2004. UK. $28

Tjeltveit, Alan C. Ethics and values in psychotherapy / Alan C. Tjeltveit. Routledge. 0415156637. 9780415156639. R8-115576. 1999. $96

Welfel, Elizabeth Reynolds. Ethics in counseling and psychotherapy : standards, research, and emerging issues Brooks Cole. 0534628338. 9780534628338. 3rd. R9-542022. 2006. $80

The following books from the reading list are available at the WAC Bennett Library on the Burnaby Campus, but not at the Surrey Campus. Should this course be taught at Surrey, they will need to be purchased:

France, Honore. Diversity, culture and counselling : a Canadian perspective / Honoré France, María del Carmen Rodríguez and Geoffrey Hett, [editors]. [Detselig Enterprises - 2004] ISBN: 1-55059-260-2 $49

Sim, Julius. Ethical decision-making in therapy practice / by Julius Sim. Butterworth-Heinemann. 0750621737. 9780750621731. R5-052005. 1997. $53

Koocher, Gerald P. Ethics in psychology : professional standards and cases (Oxford Textbooks in clinical psychology, v.3) Oxford University Press Inc. 0195092015. 9780195092011. 2nd ed. R5-041229. 1998. $76

Ethics in research with human participants American Psychological Association. 1557986886. 9781557986887. R0-182894. 2000. $23

One time costs for monographs:
for the Burnaby campus: $296
for the Surrey campus: $497

Additionally, if this course is taught in Surrey, a core collection (including reference materials such as dictionaries and encyclopedias) will need to be established to support this course.

One time cost of a core collection for the Surrey campus: $500

Ongoing funds are also required in order to support this course. This will require purchasing approximately 8 books/year at an average book price of $75.

8 books/year @ an average book price of $75 = $600/year

Total monograph costs for EDUC 872:
One time:
for the Burnaby campus: $296
for the Surrey campus: $997
for the Surrey campus: $600/year


Canadian Journal of Counselling $85
This title is only available in print, and is only available at the Bennett Library. As many items on the reading list for this course come from this journal, it should be added to Surrey's print collection should this course be taught in Surrey.

Total ongoing costs for journals:
For the Surrey campus: $85

EDUC 799: Supervised Counselling Clinic I

This course will first be offered in the Fall of 2007 on the Surrey Campus and annually thereafter with an estimated enrolment of 15.

The following titles from the reading list are not available at the Surrey Campus. A copy of each will need to be purchased.

Egan, Richard Exercises in helping skills : a manual to accompany the skilled helper : a problem-management approach to helping. BROOKS-COLE / THOMSON LEARNING. 0534350577. 9780534350574. X3-K81351. 1998. $34

Egan, Gerard. The skilled helper : a problem-management and opportunity-development approach to helping Brooks Cole / Thomson Learning. 0495092037. 9780495092032. 8th. R1-590903. 2007. $108

Hackney, Harold. The professional counselor : a process guide to helping Allyn & Bacon / Pearson Educ Hghr Ed. 0205410650. 9780205410651. 5th. R4-430302. 2005. $105

Morrison, James R., 1940- The first interview : revised for DSM-IV GUILFORD PRESS (NY) /GUILFORD PRESS (NY) . 0898625696. 9780898625691. V7-C30853. 1995. $51

Total for above titles: $298

EDUC 800: Supervised Counselling Clinic II

This course will first be offered in the Spring of 2008 and annually thereafter on the Surrey Campus with an estimated enrolment of 15.

Resources listed for this course are identical to EDUC 799. No additional resources are required for EDUC 800.

Total costs for these courses

Total one time funds:

for the Burnaby campus: $1,022
for the Surrey campus: $1,295

Ongoing funds:

for the Burnaby campus: $67 (can be paid using the Faculty's serials credit if the Faculty agrees)
for the Surrey campus: $685