Library Course Assessment for
Earth Sciences 627

October 13, 2004


This is the Library’s assessment for EASC 627 Carbonate Depositional Systems. This course will first be offered in 2005-3 and every 6 semesters thereafter with an expected enrolment of 5 students. It will be a required course for graduate students working under the supervision of B. Coffey, and will also be recommended to students in the Sedimentology program.


The SFU Library's book collection was assessed using Library of Congress subject headings for the topics covered by this course. Related subject headings and SFU holdings are listed below.

Diagenesis 15
Facies (Geology) 11
Geology, stratigraphic 110
Marine sediments 29
Paleoclimatology 43
Petrogenesis 3
Petrology 36
Rocks, Carbonate 17
Sedimentation and deposition 95
Sedimentology 22
Sediments (Geology) 32

The SFU Library is actively collecting in this area, and has over 300 books on related topics, including many recent imprints.. The Library has adequate monographs to support this course with the limited enrolments projected.


The Library’s electronic journals in Earth Sciences are available to students of this course. In particular, the following journals will be important:

AAPG bulletin
Bulletin of Canadian Petroleum Geology
Canadian Journal of Earth Sciences
Earth and Planetary Science Letters
Earth Surface Processes and Landforms
Geological Society of America Bulletin
Journal of the Geological Society of London
Journal of Sedimentary Petrology
Journal of Sedimentary Research
Sedimentary geology

The Library has adequate serial holdings to support this course.

Bibliographic Tools

The primary tool for students in this course will be GeoRef, already accessible by SFU-wide license. Other secondary sources are similarly already available, such as GeoBase, General Science Indexes and Web of Science.


There are no new library costs associated with this course.

Note:  The materials required for this course are located in the WAC Bennett Library on the Burnaby campus.  This assessment is based on the assumption that the course will be offered at SFU’s Burnaby campus.  If the course was to be offered at SFU Surrey or Harbour Centre, or as an off-campus course, additional Library costs would be incurred.