CRIM 438: Wrongful Convictions and Other Miscarriages of Justice

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Total Costs
May 29, 2009


This is the Library's assessment of CRIM 438:  Wrongful Convictions and Other Miscarriages of Justice.  It will be an elective course, first offered in the Fall of 2011 and annually thereafter with an estimated enrollment of 25 students.  It will be offered on the Burnaby campus, and possibly the Surrey Campus.

This course offering on the Burnaby campus will not require any additional library resources.  Should the course be taught on the SFU Surrey Campus, additional costs will be incurred.  This report is focused on that possibility.


Relevant Subject headings related to this course and the SFU library's holdings are as follows. The first numbers are the holdings at SFU Surrey. Numbers in parentheses ( ) are holdings across all three SFU Libraries.

judicial error 16 (77) [note that most SUR holdings are ebooks)
justice, administration of  794 (3,616)
law and ethics 25 (126)

The vast majority (14) of the holdings in the 'judicial error' subject area at Surrey are electronic books that we provide access to via large package subscriptions. There is a need to expand the existing criminology monograph collection to include this subject area.  This collection will need to be maintained over time. This means that SFU Surrey will have to expand their collecting activities and add relevant subject headings to their profile with our major book wholesaler.

The subject heading False Imprisionment (19445075) will need to be added to the Surrey Criminology profile.  This will generate approximately 10 books/year. Of these it is estimated that 6 will be selected.
6 books/year at an average book cost of $37= $224

Additionally, a core collection will need to be established.
10 books x average book cost of $37 = $370


The library currently provides access to many criminology journals that will prove useful for this course.  For examples, please see the following list:

No additional journal subscriptions are required.

Bibliographic Tools

The library subscribes to a variety of bibliographic tools that will support this course, including CriminalSource, Criminal Spectrum, Criminal Justice Abstracts, and Quick Law.   A complete list of Criminology databases can be found here:

Total Costs

One-time costs: $370
Ongoing costs: $224/year

*Note: These costs will be part of the library's request for funding for the 09/10 year. We will await confirmation of funding from SFU Surrey. There are no costs to the School of Criminology.