Criminology 346, 380, 458, 459, 480, 481

December 16, 2009

Introduction | Monographs | Journals


This is the Library course assessment for the following Courses:

CRIM 346:  Current Issues in Corrections
CRIM 380:  Introduction to Cybercrime
CRIM 458:  Community Policing
CRIM 459:  Organized Crime
CRIM 480:  Computer Forensics and Cybercrime
CRIM 481:  Advanced Issues in Cybercrime

CRIM 346 is part of the proposed Certificate in Correctional Studies.  The remaining courses are part of the Police Studies area concentrated at SFU Surrey. 


In order to support the above courses at the Surrey Campus, collecting activities in related subject areas will need to be expanded.  The following subject headings should be turned on with our major book wholesaler:


615020 Computer and Data Security (21 titles @ $114/book)
39801010 Police & Society (9 titles @ $54/book)

Total:  $2880/year


398050 Penology Division (40 titles @ $70/book)
3968 Sociology of Crime (30 titles @ $105/book)
279153 International Security (60 titles @ $67/book)
398075 Organized Crime (15 titles @ $58/book)
398072 White Collar Crimes  (3 titles @ $61/book)
396525 Juvenile Delinquency (10 titles @ $47/book)

The above subject heading additions will bring in approximately 158 books/year at an average cost of $75/book.
It is estimated that 60 will be purchased.

Total:  $4,500/year

Monographs Total: 

ongoing:  $7,380

The SFU library has a large collection of criminology and policing journals that will support these courses.  However, assessing these proposals identified two titles that should be in our collection.

Subscriptions to the following journals will  need to be obtained:  

Computer and Communications Security Abstracts $1,556
Crime Prevention and Community Safety:  an international journal $562

Journals total:  $2,118

Ongoing funds: $9,498

These costs will be part of the library's request for funding for the 10/11 year. We will await confirmation from Joanne Curry via Natalie Gick, Campus Librarian for Surrey. There are no costs to the Department of Criminology.