Library Course Assessment for
CMPT 120 and 125
Introduction to Computing Science and Programming I & II

November 2003


Here is the Library's assessment for CMPT 120 Introduction to Computing Science and Programming I and CMPT 125 Introduction to Computing Science and Programming II.

These courses are proposed as a new sequence, together with CMPT 225, to replace CMPT 101 and 201.  They are required courses, although a bypass mechanism is available for qualified students.  They will first be offered in 2004-3 and every semester thereafter.  Estimated enrolment is 800 students per year.

Library resources

These introductory courses are being proposed to substitute a new sequence for material already taught in existing courses and adequately supported by the Library.   No additional library resources will be required.

Costs:  There are no library costs associated with these courses.

Note:  The materials required for this course are located in the WAC Bennett Library on the Burnaby campus.  This assessment is based on the assumption that the course will be offered at SFU’s Burnaby campus.  If the course were to be offered at SFU Surrey or Harbour Center, or as an off-campus course, additional Library costs would be incurred.


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