Library Assessment for Bill Reid Centre for Northwest Coast Art

Library Assessment for
Bill Reid Centre for Northwest Coast Art
February 23, 2006

This is the Library's report on the proposed Bill Reid Centre for Northwest Coast Art.

The SFU Library supports the establishment of this Centre as outlined in the proposal. Library personnel have had discussions with Centre proponents, and both parties have agreed to the following:

1) The proposal indicates that the Centre will be involved in offering courses in Archaeology and First Nations Studies, including Northwest Coast art. As these courses will be offered at SFU Vancouver, not in Burnaby where visual and print holdings exist to support such courses, the Centre agrees to provide a list of core resources and $2,000 one-time funds to cover the cost of establishing a core collection of related materials at the Belzberg Library.

2) The SFU Library will be an active partner in the digitization projects undertaken by the Centre in order to ensure the broadest possible access to the repository, and to capitalize on the university's existing substantial investment in digitization infrastructure in the SFU Library.

3) On pages 2 and 3 of the proposal, there is reference to the formation of a resource centre that would "include some traditional reference materials..." and "include a research library in Northwest Coast Native Studies..."  The Centre will work closely with the SFU Library in the establishment of such a resource centre, with the goal of centralizing important information resources in the established branches of the SFU Library.

Total additional library cost: $2,000 one-time