MA in Applied Legal Studies

Library Course Assessment for a Master in Applied Legal Studies (Notaries Public)
June 13, 2007

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This is the library report for the proposed Master in Applied Legal Studies (Notaries Public). This degree program is scheduled to begin in September of 2008. At any given time, the program may have 15-20 students enrolled. This will be a professional degree program which will be a prerequisite for membership in the province's Society of Notaries Public.

Currently, this program is proposing the following courses:

ALS 601: Introduction to Canadian Law and the Canadian Legal System
ALS 602: Legal Research and Writing
ALS 603: Legal Philosophy
ALS 610: Contracts
ALS 611: Real Property I
ALS 612: Real Property II
ALS 615: Personal Planning
ALS 620 (or 614): Selected Topics in Legal Studies
ALS 630: Topics in Legal Practice

Bibliographic Tools

The SFU Library currently provides access to Lexis/Nexis, LawSource, QP Legaleze and a variety of other database that will prove useful for this program. No additional Bibliographic Tools are required.

Journals & Law Reports

The Library currently provides access to the following journal titles and reports either through LawSource or direct subscription that will prove useful to this program:

Administrative Law Reports 1983-
Alberta Law Reports 1984-
Business Law Reports 1977-
Canadian Cases on Employment Law 1984-
Canadian Cases on the Law of Torts 1978-
Canadian Environmental Law Reports 1978-
Carswell’s Practice Cases 1982-
Estates and Trusts Reports 1977-
Municipal and Planning Law Reports 1976-
Real Property Reports 1979-

Banking and Finance Law Review (Canada) 1997-
Canadian Journal of Administrative Law & Practice 1997-
Canadian Journal of Law & Jurisprudence 1994-
Canadian Journal of Law & Society 1993-
Insolvency Institute of Canada materials 1992-
Intellectual Property Journal (Canada) 1997-
Journal of Business Valuation (Canada) 1997-
McGill Law Journal 1993-
Osgoode Hall Law Journal 2000-
Queen's Law Journal 1996-
Saskatchewan Law Review 1993-
University of British Columbia law review
University of New Brunswick Law Journal 1993-
University of Ottawa Law & Technology Journal 2003-
University of Toronto Faculty of Law Review 2001-
University of Toronto Law Journal 1996-
Windsor Yearbook of Access to Justice 1993-



The SFU Library is currently not collecting in areas that will support this program. While the Burnaby Campus does collect some academic titles on law and legal issues, they are not of the nature that would support professionals entering the field as Notaries Public.

A core collection to support these students and the faculty will need to be purchased.
20 books at an average price of $150/book = $3,000

The collection will also need to be updated and maintained. This is particulary important as many of the titles listed on the course outlines are from loose-leaf services which will require ongoing funds in order to keep current.
35 books at an average price of $150/book = $5,250/year

Additionally, the proposed course outlines were reviewed. The following titles are from these outlines and are not available at the SFU library and will need to be purchased.

ALS 601: Introduction to Canadian Law and the Canadian Legal System

Canadian law : an introduction / Neil Boyd. 4th ed. Toronto : Nelson Thomson Learning, c2007. xvi, 399 p. : ill. ; 24 cm. [Includes index.] ISBN: 9780176407162 [0-17-640716-2] $56

Total for ALS 601: $56

ALS 602: Legal Research and Writing

Legal problem solving : reasoning, research & writing / Maureen F. Fitzgerald. 3rd ed. Toronto, ON : LexisNexis Butterworths, 2004. vi, 292 p. : ill. ; 23 cm. [Includes bibliographical references and index ; This ed. includes a more in-depth coverage of electronic research ]
ISBN: 9780433442875 [0-433-44287-5] $47

James, Peg. Modern writing for lawyers . 2nd. Cont. Legal Educ Soc of B.C., 2000. ISBN: 9780865046771 [0-86504-677-8] $59

Legal research handbook Lexis Nexis Canada. 0433437685. 9780433437680. 5th ed.. X3-I77949. 2003. $112

Canadian guide to uniform legal citation : Manuel canadien de la référence juridique. 6th ed. = 6e éd. Toronto, ON : Carswell, 2006. 1 v. (various pagings). : ill. ; 24 cm. ["McGill law journal = Revue de droit de McGill". ; Includes bibliographical references and indexes. ; Text in English and French. ; Also avail. in paper.] ISBN: 9780459243937 [0-459-24393-4] $75

Gail Nash, Legislation Made Easy, 2nd ed. Victoria: Queens Printer, 2004 $7

Tjaden, Ted. Legal research & writing / by Bristol. Albany, NY : Delmar Thomson Learning, 2006. 1 v. ; 25 cm.ISBN: 9781401888398 [1-4018-8839-9]

Total for ALS 602: $358

ALS 603: Legal Philosophy

Freeman, Michael D. A. Lloyd's Introduction to jurisprudence Sweet & Maxwell Ltd. 0421690208. 9780421690202. 7th ed. X6-Y56943. 2005. $82

Hart, H.L.A. The concept of law Oxford University Press Inc. 0198761236. 9780198761235. 2nd ed. X0-K34640. 1997. $49

Introduction to jurisprudence and legal theory : commentary and materials Oxford University Press. 0406946787. 9780406946782. X3-O36907. 2002. $78

Posner, Richard A. Economic analysis of law Aspen Publishers. 0735534748. 9780735534742. 6th ed. R6-367345. 2003. $119

Murphy, Jeffrie G. Philosophy of law : an introduction to jurisprudence Westview Press. 0813308488. 9780813308487. Rev. ed. N3-554322. 1990. $33

Total for ALS 603: $631

ALS 610: Contracts

McCamus, John D. The law of contracts Irwin Law Inc. 1552210189. 9781552210185. X1-F29845. 2005. $75

Total for ALS 610: $75

ALS 611: Real Property I

Ziff, Bruce H. A property law reader : cases, questions and commentary Thomson Carswell. 0459241214. 9780459241216. X0-H36258. 2004.$84

Ziff, Bruce H. Principles of property law Thomson Carswell. 0459243896. 9780459243890. 4th ed. X7-S02337. 2006. $166

An introduction to real property law / Alan M. Sinclair, Margaret E. McCallum. 5th ed. Toronto, ON : LexisNexis Butterworths, 2005. xiii, 145 p. ; 23 cm.
ISBN: 9780433448297 [0-433-44829-6] $49

A.J. McLean and K.R. Farquhar, editors, Cases and Text on the Law of Real Property (5th Ed., 1998). not available for purchase

Mossman, Mary Jane Property law: cases and commentary. Emond-Montgomery Pubns Ltd (CN). 0920722814. 9780920722817. X2-K62047. 1997. $98

Real estate transactions : cases, text and materials / George Alexandrowicz. Toronto, ON : Emond Montgomery, 2003. xxxvi, 910 p. ; 25 cm.
ISBN: 9781552390795 [1-55239-079-9] $125

Total for ALS 611: $522

ALS 612: Real Property II

Residential tenancies / Richard A. Feldman and Donald H.L. Lamont. 7th ed. Toronto, ON : Thomson Carswell, 2006. lxiii, 999 p. ; 23 cm.
ISBN: 9780459244040 [0-459-24404-3] $105

Williams, Esten Kenneth, 1889- Williams & Rhodes Canadian law of landlord and tenant / by Christopher Bentley, John McNair and Mavis J. Butkus ; with Marc Casavant, author of CARSWELL (CN). 0459316311. 9780459316310. X4-I09318. 1988. $376

Roach, Joseph E. The Canadian law of mortgages of land. Toronto : Butterworths, 1993. l, 541p. [For the lawyer What is likely to become the most]
ISBN: 9780409903492 [0-409-90349-3] $230

Total for ALS 612: $711

ALS 615: Personal Planning

Wills Precedents: An Annotated Guide (2005) update – Peter W. Bogardus, Q.C. and Mary B. Hamilton, the Continuing Legal Education Society of British Columbia (3184605) $250

Bailey, The Law of Wills (7 th ed. 1973). Out of Print. Available from $60

Mackenzie, Jum Feeney, Thomas G. Feeney's Canadian law of wills. 4th ed. Butterworths, 2000. ISBN: 9780433392477 [0-433-39247-9] $205

A treatise on wills by Thomas Jarman; Raymond Jennings; John C Harper Publisher: London : Sweet & Maxwell ; Littleton, Colo. : F.B. Rothman, 1986. |
ISBN: 0421355301 : 9780421355309 $350

Margrave-Jones, Clive V., MA LLM LLB (Lecturer, Faculty of Law, University. Mellows: the Law of Succession. 5th Ed. Butterworths Tolley, 1993.
ISBN: 9780406024381 $70

Oosterhoff, A H. Oosterhoff on wills and succession: text, commentary and cases 4th ed. , 1995. ISBN: 9780459553203 $120

Parry. Sir David Hughes. Parry and Clark : Law of succession Sweet & Maxwell Ltd. 0421741104. 9780421741102. L7-607727. 2002. $63

Ross Martyn, John G. Theobald on wills Sweet & Maxwell Ltd. 0421741708. 9780421741706. 16th ed. X1-W17310. 2001. $421

Barlow, R.F.D. Williams on Wills Butterworths Law. 1405718021. 9781405718028. 8th ed. X3-085684. 2006. UK. $147

The law of dependants' relief in British Columbia by Leopold Amighetti Publisher: Ontario, Canada : Carswell, ©1991. ISBN: 0459357018 9780459357016 Out of Print. Possibly available from $70

Scott-Harston, J. C. (John C.). Tax planned will precedents / by J.C. Scott-Harston and P.A. Johnson. 3rd ed. Toronto : Carswell, 1989-. 1 v. (loose-leaf). ; 26 cm. ISBN: 9780459326210 [0-459-32621-X] Out of Print. Possibly available from $200

Canadian Forms and Precedents. Butterworths. $240

Wills precedents : an annotated guide by Peter W Bogardus; Mary B Hamilton; Continuing Legal Education Society of British Columbia. Publisher: Vancouver : Continuing Legal Education Society of British Columbia, 1998. ISBN: 0865049556 : 9780865049550 $250

British Columbia estate planning and wealth preservation. by William C Bice; Elaine E Reynolds; Jonathan Vogt; Ross D Tunnicliffe; Lorne Beiles; Continuing Legal Education Society of British Columbia. Publisher: Vancouver : Continuing Legal Education Society of British Columbia, 2002- ISBN: 1552582116 9781552582114  $325

Advising the elderly client by Louis A Mezzullo; Mark Woolpert Publisher: Thompson, A. 1992. $908

Histrop, Lindsay Ann. Estate planning precedents : a solicitor's manual / by Lindsay Ann Histrop. Scarborough, Ont. : Carswell, 1995-. 2 v. (loose-leaf) ; 26 cm. [Formerly published under the title: Will precedents : a solicitor's manual.]ISBN: 9780459336813 [0-459-33681-9]  $275

Total for ALS 615: $3,954

ALS 620 (or 614): Selected Topics in Legal Studies

As Selected Topics courses change from semester to semester, the Library does not assess them for resources.

ALS 630: Topics in Legal Practice

The following titles from the course outline are available at the Bennett Library, but not at Surrey. Added copies for the Surrey Campus will need to be purchased.

Maister, David H. The trusted advisor Free Press. 074320414X. 9780743204149. R5-196539. 2000. $31

Susskind, Richard E. The future of law : facing the challenges of information technology Oxford University Press. 0198764960. 9780198764960. X5-K98617. 1998. $42

Magretta, Joan, 1948- What management is : how it works and and why it's everyone's business / Joan Magretta ; with the collaboration of Nan Stone. Free Pr/Simon & Schuster. 0743203186. 9780743203180. R3-301937. 2002. $30

Total for ALS 630: $103

Total cost for monographs:

One time funds:
$3,000 to build core collection
$6,410 to purchase titles listed on the course outlines
$9,410 one time funds for monographs

ongoing funds:
$5,250 to support the development of the collection