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Canadian literature (SFU) General / Canadian literature history & criticism: Canadian literature classification schedules

The Canadian literature classification schedules are for use by professional cataloguers who work at libraries.

If you are looking for books and other materials by or about Canadian authors, please search the Library Catalogue or Ask a Librarian for assistance.

PR: Canadian Literature

SFU Schedule

USE LAC class as basis for decision about pre and post 2000 for individual authors, if LAC is PS 86xx-, use 21st century. - ps aug07

History and Criticism     (PS LAC Cdn. Lit)   

Periodicals, Societies, Collections, etc.  Also contains periodicals of creative writing; eg. Fiddlehead, Prism

  • PR 8900 Periodicals      (8001) 
  • PR 8901 Yearbooks        (8003)   
  • PR 8902 Societies           (8005)  
  • PR 8903 Congresses        (8007)

Collected works

  • 8904 Series.  Monographs by different authors 
  • 8905 Collected works, studies, essays of individual authors   
  • 8906 Encyclopedias. Dictionaries      (8015)
    • Z9 Bibliographies        

Studying and Teaching        
8908 General      (8031)    
8909 Individual schools. By name, A-Z     (8037)    

Authorship, see PN        

General:                          (8061)        
8910 Early works        
8911 Modern treatises        
8912 Compends. Text-books     (8065)    
8913 Outlines, syllabi, quizzes, etc.     (8067)    
8914 Collected essays        
8916 Lectures, addresses, pamphlets      (8079)    

General special:        
8918 Relations to history, civilization, culture, etc.         
8919 Relations to other literatures        
8920 Translations        

Treatment of special subjects, classes, regions, etc.         

8922 Subjects, A-Z. Example: Nature, Religion    (8101)    
A1 General Themes        
C37 Carnivals        
C5 Children        
C54 City and town life        
E9 Exile        
R3 Family        
G86         Group identity        
H66 Homosexuality in Literature        
H85 Humour        
I4 Indians (North American) in Literature        
I5 Infants in Literature        
I7            Irony        
N28 Nationalism        
N3 Nature        
P52 Place (Philosophy) in Literature        
P67 Postmodernism        
R3 Racism        
R4 Religion        
R6 Romanticism        
T7 Travel        
W37       War        
W5 Winter        
W65 Work        

8923 Classes of persons, eg Jews, Priests (as subject) (8090.5)        
A4           African-Canadians        
B8 Businessmen        
C5 Children        
I5 Immigrants          
I6 Indians of North America        
J2 Japanese Canadians        
J3 Jews        
M4 Minorities        
M68 Mothers        
P6 Police        
U5 United Empire Loyalists        
W6 Women (as subject)        
For women authors - see - PR 8933

8924 Individual Characters, A-Z        
R5 Riel, Louis, 1844-1885  

8925 By Province, Region, etc.    8131    
A4 Alberta        
B7 B. C.        
M3 Manitoba        
M4 Maritime Provinces        
N2 New Brunswick        
N4 Newfoundland        
N6 Nova Scotia        
O5 Ontario    O6    
P7 Prairie Provinces    P7    
Q8 Quebec (Province)        
S3 Saskatchewan         
W4 Canada, Western        


8927 Collective     (8081, 8081.1)    
Z9 Bibliographies        
By period - see - special period below        
Individual - see - PR 9100        
8929 Memoirs, letters, interviews, etc.     (8083)    
8931 Literary landmarks. Homes and haunts of authors     (8087)    
8933 Women authors. Literary relations of women        
8934 Other classes of authors, A-Z (cf Table XXI, 8.2)     (8089.5)    
A2 Acadian authors        
B57 Black Canadian authors        
C37        Caribbean Canadian authors        
C55 Chinese Canadian authors        
G47        German Canadian authors        
I6 Indians of North America as authors        
I8 Italian Canadians authors        
J3 Jewish Canadian authors        
L37 Latino Canadian authors        
M45 Mennonite authors        
M48 Metis authors        
M5 Minorities        
Q44 Queer Canadian authors        
S66 South Asian Canadian authors        
U48 Ukrainian Canadian authors        
Women authors - see - PR 8933        

By Period         

Modern, General - use - PR 8911        

8947 pre-confederation     8111    
8948       1867-1913 (was 18th cent)    8113    
8950 1914-1967  (was 19th cent.)    8115    
8953 1968-2003 (was 20th Century)    8117    
8955 2004-   (was 21st Century)    8119    


8961 General        
8967 Early to 1800        
8969 (18th and) 19th Century        
8971 20th Century        
8973 21st Century        

Special forms or subjects:         
8977 Epic        
8979 Lyric        
8980 Popular poetry (Ballads, etc.)        
8981 Other, A-Z        
C55 Children’s poetry        
H65 Homosexuality        
J43 Jealousy        
L6           Love poetry        
P3 Patriotic poetry        
R4 Religious poetry        
W6 Women        
W67 Work        


8983 General        
8985 Early to 1800        
8987 (18th and) 19th Century        
8989 20th Century        
8991 21st Century        
8993 Special forms        
8995 Special subjects, A-Z        
H5    Historical drama        
I56   Immigrants, immigration, emigration

L38 Latin Amer Canadian authors       
M4 Mental illness in drama        
W6 Women authors        

Prose, Fiction        

8997 General        
8999 Early to 1800        
9001 19th and 20th Centuries        
9002 21st Century        

9007 Special topics, A-Z        
A36 Adolescence        
A55 Animals        
A65        Apocalypse        
A78 Artists in literature        
A8 Asian Canadians        
A9 Autobiography as a subject         
C48 Child as hero        
C5 Children’s fiction (for children)        
D37        Death        
F3 Family        
F34 Fantasy        
G74 Grotesque and Gothic        
H4 Hero        
H5 Historical fiction        
I5 Indians of North America        
L47 Lesbians        
M3 Mass Media        
M6 Montreal        
N3 Nationalism        
N32 Nature (includes relation to land, etc.)        
N6 Canada, Northern        
P3 Parody        
P45 Photography        
P67 Postmodernism        
P7 Prairie Provinces        
Q4 Quebec (Province)        
Q42 Quebec (Quebec)        
R35 Realism        
R4 Religion        
S32 Scatology        
S4 Science fiction / fantasy        
T7 Travel literature        
V5 Violence        
W3 War        
W4 The West        
W6 Women        

Other forms:         
9009 Oratory        
9011 Letters        
9013 Essays        
9015 Wit and humour        
9017 Miscellaneous        

Folk literature - see - subclass GR        


9031 Early        
9033 Modern        
9035 Minor. Sections. Anthologies.        
9037 Special classes of authors, A-Z        
A44 Aged        
A56 Anorexia-nervosa patients        
A8 Asian Canadian writers        
B55 Black writers        
C5 Children’s writing        
C54        Chinese-Canadian writers        
C64 College/High School students        
G38 Gay writers        
H6 Homeless people        
I6 Indians of North America (authors)        
I8 Italian Canadian writers        
J4 Jewish authors        
K67 Korean-Canadian writers        
L47 Lesbian authors        
M4          Mennonite authors        
N38 New literates        
P59 Physicians        
P7 Prisoners        
S69 South Asian writers        
W6 Women writers        

9038 Special topics, A-Z    

B38   Bashfulness
C59   Climate change
C83   Cuba in literature’        
T86   Two thousand, A.D.       

By period:         
9041 Early to 1800        
9043 19th Century        
9044 20th Century        
9045 21st Century        
Local - see - PR 9091, 9092 below        

Poetry  Collections    8273-8299    

General Collections:    8273    
9049 Early through 1912 (was Early (to 1800))    8289    
9049.5   1914-1967    8291    
9050 1968-2003 (was Modern)    8293    
9050.1     2004-    8293.1    
9051 Minor. Selections. Anthologies    8279    

Special classes of authors        

9053 Women Poets        
9054 Other, A-Z. eg.        
(Local, see PR 9091 or PR 9092)         
A3 Acadian poets        
A4 Alberta poets        
A5 American poets        
A77 South Asian Canadian poets        
B5 Black poets        
B7 British Columbia poets        
C5 Children as poets        
C6 College students        
C7 Creative Writing Workshop, UBC        
G38 Gay poets        
I6 Indian poets (Indians of North America)        
I73 Italian poets        
J3 Japanese poets        
J4 Jewish poets        
L47 Lesbian poets        
M3 Maritime poets        
M5 Miners        
M6 Montreal poets        
N43 Newfoundland poets        
O5 Ontario poets         
P7 Prairie poets        
Q8 Quebec poets        
S25 School verse        
S3 Scottish poets        
S45         Seniors as poets        
S6           Soldiers as poets        
T4 Teachers as poets        
T6 Toronto poets        
Women - use - PR 9053 above        

By period:         
9056 Early to 1800        
9057 19th Century        
9058 20th Century        
9059 21st Century        

Special. By form or subject:  (8287)        
9060 Ballads        
9061 Other, A-Z        
B575       Bill Bissett        
C5 Children’s poetry (for children)        
C515 Chinese poetry        
C53 Christian verse        
C6 College verse        
C65 Concrete poetry        
C68 Cowboys        
D64 Dogs        
E52 England (place)        
F3 Family        
F37 Farm life        
F46 Flowers        
F6 Folk-songs        
F73 France        
H3 Haiku        
H5 Historical        
H8          Humour        
I46  Immigrants
L6 Love poetry        
M3 Maxims        
N38 Nature        
P6 Police        
P7 Protest poetry        
Q4 Quebec (for & about)        
Q8 Quotations        
R4 Rebellion, 1837        
R44 Religious poetry        
R69         Royal Canadian Mounted Police        
S3 Satire        
S4 School verse        
S42 The sea        
S6 Sonnets        
S66 Sports        
T3 Tanka        
T5           Time        
V5 Visual poetry        
W3 War        
W5 Whales        

9063 Translations (by language A-Z)        
Local - see - PR 9091, 9092 below        

Drama:  Collections        
9064 General        
9065 Minor        

By period:         
9066 Early to 1800        
9067 19th Century        
9068 20th Century        
9069 21st Century        
9070 Special, by form (Tragedies, Comedies, etc.) or subject, A-Z        
C4 Children’s plays        
G38        Gay drama        
H5 Historical drama        
I49          Immigrants/Immigration as a topic        
M54        Mom and/or Motherhood        
M6 Monologues        
O5 One-act plays        
R3 Radio plays        
S3 School plays        
W3 War plays        
Local - see - PR 9091, 9092        

Prose   Collections        

9072 Early (to 1800)        
9073 Modern        

9075 General. Short Stories    8329    
9076 Special topics, A-Z        
A36 Adolescence        
A4 Aging        
A43 Alcohol        
A5 Animals        
A95 Aurora Borealis        
C48 Christmas stories, Canadian       
C58 City and town life        
C59 Clergy
C6 Cowboy stories        
D4 Detective and mystery stories        
E7 Erotic stories        
E9 Experimental fiction        
F5 Fishing stories        
F59         Fly fishing stories        
G4 Geeks        
H5 Historical        
H6 Horror stories        
H8 Humorous stories        
M34 Magic realism        
M8 Multicultural        
N5 Night        
P6 Police stories        
P64 Political fiction        
S4 Science fiction / fantasy        
S5 Sea stories        
S65 Sport stories        
V3 Vancouver        
W3 War        
W6 Women        
W63 Work        

9077 Special classes of authors, A-Z        
A36 Adolescence        
A4 Aging         
A43 Alcohol        
A5 Animals        
A95 Aurora Borealis        
C48 Christmas stories, Canadian        
C58 City and town life        
C6 Cowboy stories        
C6 College students         
D4 Detective and mystery stories        
E2           East Indians        
E7 Erotic stories        
E9 Experimental fiction        
F5 Fishing stories        
G39 Gay authors        
G4 Geeks        
G73 Greek-Canadian authors        
H3 Haitian Canadian authors        
H5 Historical        
H6 Horror stories        
H8 Humorous stories        
I6 Indians of North America (authors)        
I8 Italian Canadian authors        
J4 Jewish authors        
L47 Lesbian authors        
M34 Magic realism        
M8 Multicultural        
N5 Night        
P6 Police stories        
P64 Political fiction        
P7 Prisoners        
S4 Science fiction / fantasy        
S5 Sea stories        
S65 Sports stories        
S88 Students        
U48 Ukrainian Canadians        
V3 Vancouver        
W3 War        
W6 Women authors        

9079 Oratory        
9081 Letters        
9083 Essays        
9085 Wit and humour        
9087 Miscellany         
Folk literature, see subclass GR        

9091 By Region, Province, Country, etc., A-Z        
A4 Alberta        
A8 Atlantic provinces (NF, NS, NB, PEI)        
B7 British Columbia        
C3 Cape Breton        
G3 Gaspe        
L3 Laurentian        
M3 Manitoba        
M4 Maritime provinces (NS, NB, PEI)        
N2 New Brunswick        
N4 Newfoundland        
N58 Northwest, Canadian        
N6 Nova Scotia        
O45 Okanagan Valley        
O5 Ontario        
O9 Outaouais        
P7 Prairie provinces        
P75 Prince Edward Island        
Q8 Quebec (Province)        
S23         Saanich Peninsula        
S3 Saskatchewan        
W4 Western Canada        
Y8 Yukon        

9092 By city or town, A-Z         
A7 Argenta (B. C.)        
B35 Banff        
C34 Calgary        
E3 Edmonton        
K48 Kingfisher Lake        
K485 Kingston        
K5 Kitimat        
L65         London        
M6 Montreal        
M66 Moose Factory Island (ON)        
M84 Muenster (SK) St. Peter’s Abbey        
N52 Niagra        
O8 Ottawa        
P37 Parry Sound        
P68 Powell River (B. C.)        
P7 Prince George        
P76         Prince Rupert        
Q48 Quesnel        
S3 Saskatoon        
S93         Sydney, Nova Scotia        
T54 Timiskaming        
T67 Toronto (ON)        
V3 Vancouver        
V4 Vernon (B. C.)        
V5 Victoria        
W4 Windsor        
W5 Winnipeg