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Celebration of SFU Authors: Home

The Annual Celebration of SFU Authors is a university-wide event that publicly acknowledges and honours our faculty, students, staff, alumni and retired university community members who have authored or co-authored a publication, or its equivalent, within the past year. 

The event is an opportunity to encourage academic dialogue and ensure that works by SFU Authors are available to the University community through the Library's collection.

Deadline for submissions

The deadline for submissions for works published in 2019 has now passed. Submissions for work published this year (2020) will be accepted in late 2020.

Celebration of Authors Reception

A Celebration for SFU Authors with works published in 2019 will be held on March 10, 2020. All eligible authors will be notified and will receive an invitation to the Celebration of SFU Authors by February 13, 2020.