Delve into the Anfield Collection

Special Collections and Rare Books is delighted to announce the Anfield Collection, a remarkable collection of 79 antiquarian books on the topic of voyages of exploration in the Pacific and Arctic

About the Anfield Collection

SFU alumnus and donor Frank Anfield’s interest in Indigenous art and his friendship with Bill Reid led to his foundational and ongoing support of SFU’s Bill Reid Centre. Also interested in the history of European voyages in the Pacific region, he painstakingly acquired a remarkable collection of antiquarian books over 50 years. Primarily from the 18th and 19th centuries, the collection includes books by Pacific and Arctic explorers such as James Cook, George Vancouver, Alexander Mackenzie and Roald Amundsen.

Books from the Anfield Collection stacked on top of each other

As well as donating his extensive collection to SFU Library, Anfield also created a generous endowment to support and maintain the collection over time, and to encourage use of the collection by students, researchers and the public.

“I am delighted that Frank has entrusted his outstanding collection to us,” said Melissa Salrin, Head of Special Collections. She notes the wide appeal of the collection. The works, many of which include significant maps and illustrations, include European colonial efforts to study and document the geography, oceanography, botany and zoology of the Pacific and the Arctic. “Their value, however, extends beyond the subject matter,” Salrin shared. “The books themselves are in remarkable condition. … As objects they are a delight and anyone with an interest in elegantly produced and preserved works will find pleasant diversion in this collection.”


Fall 2022