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Latin language information resources

This guide lists selected print and electronic information resources in the Library and on the Internet that will help you better enjoy studying Latin. 

If you need help, please contact Ivana Niseteo, Liaison Librarian for English, French, French Programs (FASS), Humanities, Linguistics, and World Literature at 778.782.6838 or or Ask a librarian.

Easy reads

  • Hercules et sui labores - Illustrated story from the Kentucky Distance Learning. The primary source is the "Library" by Apollodorus.
  • Bibliotheca Augustana - BIBLIOTHECA LATINA. An extensive collection and a remarkable choice of Latin texts from the 6th century BC until the early 20th century ( Collected by Prof. Ulrich Harsch, Augsburg, Germany.
  • Latin and Greek texts - Perseus Project. Click on a word to bring up parses, English translations and frequency statistics.


Movies at SFU library

  • Ben-Hur: a tale of Christ [print]
  • Gladiator [print]
  • The Passion of the Christ [print]
  • Spartacus / A&E Television Networks, LLC
  • The Trojan women [print]


Dictionaries and encyclopedias



  • Parse it! -  30,000 words. Great tool! Parse just about any word in Latin via Ovid or Wheelock's Latin.
  • Latin Verb Synopses - Quiz yourself


  • Descriptive Latin Grammar - From Orbis Latinus
  • Latin grammar / Dirk Panhuis. 2006 [print]
  • A Latin grammar - by Charles E. Bennett from Provides a good overview of basic grammar with brief lessons and examples. There is a link to download a PDF version.

To find Latin grammar books in the SFU library, search the catalogue by Subject 'Latin language--Grammar'.



Background information

Art Gallery

Courtesy of Olga's Gallery

These paintings depict some characters from the stories compiled in the Latin via Ovid textbook.