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Where can I find a tutor?

The Student Learning Commons (SLC) provides "strategy tutoring" for SFU students, that is, we will help you develop writing, reading, exam preparation, and other academic strategies you can apply to your course material. 

For course content questions, be sure to talk with your professor or TA.  They really want you to use their office hours!  Read Get to know Your Teaching Assistant to learn more about working with your TA.

If you are looking for a "content tutor", that is, someone other than your professor or TA to help you learn the specific content of your courses, here are a few places to try:

1. For help with FAN-X99 or MATH 190, contact the Q Support Centre which is operated by the SFU Math Department and staffed by SFU TAs . Students looking for a private tutor for any other SFU mathematics course can contact the Math Undergraduate Secretary at

2. For Statistics courses, email the Department of Statistics and Actuarial Sciences at, and specify the course for which you would like help.

3. Tutoring is available for several lower-division science and math courses through the Science and Math Peer Tutoring Program.

4.  A number of SFU Departments maintain lists of graduate students who will tutor for a fee.  Contact each department directly from this list .

5.  The talkSFU discussion forum has a Tutor Exchange in which private tutors serving SFU advertise their services and students post requests for tutors. 

6.  UBC maintains a database of tutors for hire . You can search for tutors in your discipline and/or location.  The registry includes tutors from all over Vancouver and the suburbs.

Remember to follow the SFU guidelines for working with a tutor!  See You and Your Tutor: Knowing the Boundaries.