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How do I use the Z39.50 protocol to search the Library Catalogue, including searching the Catalogue through Endnote?

You can use the Z39.50 protocol to connect to the SFU Library catalogue, including a connection from within Endnote. You cannot use EndNote or Z39.50 to connect to any SFU Library databases.

Z39.50 settings

"Connection Settings" should match the following:

Server Description: SFU Catalogue
Server Address:
Database: OPAC
Database Name: 01SFUL_INST
Port ID: 1921 (or 210)
Record Syntax: OPAC

Leave other fields as they appear. You don't need an ID/password to connect to the catalogue.

"Search Attributes" should match the following:

Any Field: 1016
Author: 1003
Title: 4
Subject: 21
Date: 31
Publisher: 1018
Place of Publication: 59
OCLC Number (1211)

Endnote connection file

The current connection file for the library's catalogue from EndNote may not be current. You can update the connection file within your own EndNote desktop through the following steps:

  1. Select Edit > Connection Files > Open Connection Manager
  2. Select “Simon Fraser U” from the list of connections
  3. Customize the “Connection Settings” and “Search Attributes” according to the Z39.50 settings above
  4. Save the new connection file and use it for searching SFU Library catalogue within EndNote

See also: How do I get records for books and/or other items that are listed in the SFU Library catalogue into EndNote?