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Where can I get information about the TOEFL or IELTS tests?

TOEFL tests are offered by computer throughout most regions of the world. This includes Canada. Information about the test, including where and how to sign up for it, and preparation materials is available at the TOEFL website. The IELTS, another standardized language test, is given at SFU. Information on SFU IELTS.

Both Bennett Library (Burnaby campus) and Belzberg Library (Harbour Centre Campus) have-- or have electronic access to-- many guides to preparing for the TOEFL test. Use the keyword, TOEFL, or the Subject, Test of English as a foreign language -- Study guides, to find them in the Library Catalogue.

IELTS study guides are also available in the library. Again, use the keyword, IELTS, or the subject, International English Language Testing System, to find them.