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S&P Capital IQ: Access & registration troubleshooting

How do I register for an S&P Capital IQ account?

To register from on or off campus:

  1. go to the CapIQ's database description
  2. click on "register with a valid SFU email address"

 Note: Set up this account with a password different from your SFU computing ID.

Access steps

  1. Always enter the database via the Connect link.
  2. Confirm you are a current SFU researcher: 
    • Enter your SFU username and password (access to S&P Capital IQ is restricted to current students, faculty and staff at Simon Fraser University).
  3. Log into your CapIQ account:
    • On CapIQ login screen, enter your S&P Capital IQ username (your SFU email address) and password.

Troubleshooting help

 Spring 2024: Some users have reported an error message when registering for or accessing their S&P Capital IQ account: "This user account is valid for other S&P products. It has not yet been registered with Capital IQ or Capital IQ Username was not entered."

If you see that message, please email either Mark Bodnar <mbodnar@sfu.ca> or Library Help <libhelp@sfu.ca>. Include the version of your SFU email address that you were using as a User ID in Capital IQ. If possible, also include a screenshot of the error message.

Access issues?

Error messages when connecting to the database?

Make sure you are signing in through the SFU database using the Connect link.

Previously bookmarked the S&P login site? 
  1. Try clearing your browser's cache and cookies or try a different browser.
  2. Try incognito mode/privacy mode of your browser.
  3. Last resort: on the S&P login page, use the "Forgot your password?" option.
Account locked?

On the S&P login page, use the "Unlock your account?" option.

Registration issues?

Never received the registration link from S&P?

A) Auto-generated emails from databases might be delayed or blocked by mail and/or spam filters: 

  1. Check your junk/spam email folder.
  2. Try clearing your browser's cache and cookies.

B) Still no email? Use S&P's password reset method while using the "incognito mode" of a browser:

  1. Switch to incognito/private mode,
  2. Access CapIQ via the Library's link (entering your SFU ID/password to connect through to the S&P site if prompted for it),
  3. Click on "Forgot your password?" option,
  4. Enter your username (should be the version of your SFU email address that you used when you first tried to register),
  5. Check for an email from S&P with directions on what to do next. Be sure to try your junk/spam email folders as well, in case your email program filtered it out.

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More help

If you're still encountering issues after trying the above tips, contact S&P Capital IQ support by email at support.CIQ@spglobal.com.