How do I know when a book I've requested is ready to pick up?

There are several ways to know when a book you have requested is ready for pickup:

  • The library will send you an email notification within 24 hours of the item's arrival advising you that it is available for pick-up.
  • You can check online by logging into your Library Catalogue account. The item is available for pickup when your record says "Ready for pickup".
  • You can call any branch of the library to see if your requested book is available:
    • Bennett Library (SFU Burnaby): 778.782.4345
    • Belzberg Library (SFU Vancouver): 778.782.5050
    • Fraser Library (SFU Surrey): 778.782.7411

Updating your preferred email address with the library:

For students and faculty/staff on payroll, notices are emailed to your official SFU email address 
You can redirect library and other notices from your official SFU email address to your preferred email address at Go to account management and then forward your email. 
Alternatively, contact staff in Access Services at the SFU Library at

For alumni, notices are emailed to the preferred address on file with the SFU Alumni Relations Office. 

For all other borrowers, library notices will be sent to the email address you have registered with the SFU Library.