Adding items to course reserves: Instructions for faculty


See Requesting Reserves: Guide for instructors for more information and detailed instructions on placing non-book items on reserve.

For video tutorials on using the new system, please see Leganto for Instructors.

Step by step instructions for adding books and articles

1. Create a reading list

Log into the reserves system, Leganto.

Then create your reading list:

  • In My Lists, select +New List for a new course
  • Give your reading list a name (e.g. the name of your course).
  • To add items to a list, you need to add a SECTION, select one or more sections on Reserve template.

2. Link your reading list to your course

Click on "Associate list" to link your list to your course.

3. Search and select books and articles

a. Search the Library Catalogue for the books and articles you want.

Click on the + sign to search the Library catalogue for books to add to your list. 

When you have found the correct book(s), click on Add to add them to your list.

(Not in the Catalogue? You can also manually add citation information for books that do not appear in the Library catalogue (ie. prof copies or books that need to be purchased].)

b. Use Tags to set loan periods, request a purchase, etc.

Under each book or article citation in your list look for the Add tags to item link.

Click on Add tags to item and use the drop-down menu to:

  • set loan periods (2-hour, 24-hour, 3-day, etc.)
  • request multiple copies
  • ask the Library to purchase a book
  • indicate "prof copy" (instructor or departmental copies you will bring to the Library)

You may add more than one tag to each item.

4.  Send your list to the Library

When you have completed your list you need to send it to the Library. Click on the ... sign on the top right and select Send to Library. 

Library staff will process the items once they have received your list.

5.  Publish your list

After the library has finished working on your list, it must be published in order for students to view it.

Either the Library or the instructor can publish the list.

Adding books and articles to reserves from within Canvas

To add materials to Reserves directly from within your Canvas course site, see instructions at Course reserves.

Help and contact information

Bennett Library Reserves for SFU Burnaby courses and Belzberg Library for SFU Vancouver courses: 778.782.3271

Fraser Library for SFU Surrey courses: 778.782.7411