Every child matters: Orange Shirt Day

Every child matters: Orange Shirt Day

"Every Child Matters, even if they are an adult, from now on."

About Orange Shirt Day

Orange Shirt Day is an annual "opportunity to create meaningful discussion about the effects of Residential Schools and the legacy they have left behind. A discussion all Canadians can tune into and create bridges with each other for reconciliation. A day for survivors to be reaffirmed that they matter, and so do those that have been affected.  Every Child Matters, even if they are an adult, from now on."  (Source: The Story of Orange Shirt Day)

Read a book to honour Residential School survivors

Personal narratives 



Poetry and drama

Children’s books

For more books, check out the displays at the W.A.C. Bennett and Fraser Libraries.

Watch a movie

Pelq'ilc (Coming home)
"Focuses on the place of education in renewing Indigenous culture and tradition. The film is part of a larger Social Science and Humanities Council funded study and is based on interviews with the children and grandchildren of residential school survivors first interviewed for a 1986 study done by Celia Haig-Brown."

We were children
"In this emotional film, the profound impact of the Canadian government's residential school system is conveyed unflinchingly through the eyes of two children who were forced to face hardships beyond their years."

Indian Horse
"In the late 1950’s Ontario, eight-year-old Saul Indian Horse is torn from his Ojibway family and committed to one of the notorious Catholic Residential Schools. In this oppressive environment, Saul is denied the freedom to speak his language or embrace his Indigenous heritage while he witnesses horrendous abuse at the hands of the very people entrusted with his care. Despite this, Saul finds salvation in the unlikeliest of places and favourite winter pastime -- hockey. Fascinated by the game, he secretly teaches himself to play, developing a unique and rare skill."

Our people will be healed
"The Helen Betty Osborne Ininiw Education Resource Centre in Norway House, north of Winnipeg, receives a level of funding that few other Indigenous institutions enjoy. Its teachers help their students to develop their abilities and their sense of pride. In addition to teaching academic subjects, the school reconnects students with their ancestral culture." 

To learn more visit ... 

Please also take a moment to use this website to look up: 

  • The closest Residential School site(s) to where you currently live 
  • The closest Residential School site(s) to where you lived when you were school-aged (if you lived in Canada at the time) 


Learning about Residential Schools is potentially traumatizing for both Indigenous and non-Indigenous learners. Please take care, and seek support if you need it.

SFU supports

Indian Residential School Survivors Society 24/7 support (1-800-721-0066)

The Indian Residential Schools Crisis Line (1-866-925-4419) is available 24 hours a day for anyone experiencing pain or distress as a result of their residential school experience.

Kuu-us Crisis Line

  • Adults/Elders (250-723-4050)
  • Child/Youth (250-723-2040)
  • Toll free (1-800-588-8717)
  • Métis Line (1-833-638-4722)

When is Orange Shirt Day?

 Orange Shirt Day is September 30th, which is also the National Day for Truth and Reconciliation statutory holiday.

"Feel free to organize your event for a day that works for you." -- orangeshirtday.org


September 30