Library 3 Year Plan Update: 2001-2004


STATUS September 2003

The SFU Library's Plan for 2001-2004 is based on the results of surveys of faculty, graduate students, undergraduate students and library staff; on our knowledge of and expectations for the changing educational environment; and our understanding of the potential for new library services. While our user survey results show, as always, that library collections are most important to users and that the gap between need and availability is widest, they also indicate the importance of liaison librarian activities, the library as a place, and electronic delivery to the desktop. A summary of the major actions we intend to take over the next three years follows:

A. Library collections:

Ensure that collection allocations match the University's changing programs and research activities by:

STATUS (Lead responsibility)
  • Identifying collection requirements to support such new programs as Harbour Centre campus program expansion; Institute of Health Research and Education; Distance Education and online learning;
  • Reviews continue to be done on a regular basis.
  • The HBC Academic Plan as it develops will require a response. (Gwen, Karen).
  • IHRE: $40,000 ongoing and $30,000 one-time funds have been identified and the process of selecting materials is under way.
  • The Surrey collection budget is adequate at present but needs to continue to be assessed as programming expands.
  • The location of programmes once established will affect the cost of supporting those collections, particularly when duplicate copies of materials need to be purchased for different campuses.
  • Articulating the ongoing collection requirements of new programmes to SCUP and the University Administration;
  • The Library has received collection funding as part of the new Surrey campus and the Double the Opportunities fund; collection assessments are carried out for new programmes and courses; Collections Management works with departments and institutes (for example IHRE) on reshaping collections for new faculty research interests. (Lynn, Gwen)
  • Seeking sources of funding beyond the University;
  • Library works with Advancement on funding possibilities ( eg Richard You donation for business materials, SFU Information Commons, Grant Agencies for Multicultural Canada Project, collaboration with IHRE on Michael Smith grant application, participation in the national RKN and Synergies applications to CFI ) (Lynn, Gwen, Mark J)
  • Advocating the regularization of infrastructure (including Library) support on top of research grants from all granting agencies ;
  • Library received ongoing lift to base rather than onetime infrastructure funding 2002-03 and a lift to the base in 2003-04. ( Lynn )
  • Continuing to emphasize gifts in kind as one means to strengthen Special and other collections within the Library's Collections Policy framework.
  • The Library continues to attract gifts in kind including retirees' collections and specialized gifts such as the Harrison and Hilary Brown collection and various retirees including George Bowering's office collections. (Tony, Eric)

Improve services for the diverse student population by:

STATUS (Lead responsibility)
  • Providing collections as reflected in the curriculum and the Library collection policies, consistent with primary goal 6 of the VP Academic Plan (through activities like, for example, the inclusion of an SFU collections librarian on the joint committee which is working on the development of a SFU/UBC Master of Intercultural Studies noted in the Faculty of Arts Three Year Plan).
  • Appointment of diversity librarian to LIDC inclusive teaching project; discussions with individual groups on funding for particular collections. ( Moninder )
  • Explore other options for delivery to on-campus sites;
  • Applied Science Information Depot in place; depot for Discovery Park units was not of interest; other sites (WMC) are being considered (Scott).
  • Ensure library users are directed to the fastest, cheapest delivery sites;
  • Done (cost, delivery time web page)
  • Investigate the feasibility of purchasing books in lieu of providing Inter-438Library Loans delivery in some cases.
  • Pilot project currently underway (May-December 2003 (Scott, Gwen)

B. Access:

Expand access to electronic collections by:

STATUS (Lead responsibility)
  • Developing criteria for print and online journal rationalization;
  • Done in consultation with SLC, FALUC, SCILUC, faculty reps (Gwen)
  • Migrating subscriptions to eJournals where appropriate, especially to support distance education and off-site access;
  • Ongoing (Gwen)
  • Continuing to emphasize consortium purchasing of online services and collections to achieve the best price;
  • Ongoing (Gwen)
  • Developing a transition plan for CNSLP;
  • Done (see above) (Gwen)
  • Investigating provision of online access to multimedia resources;
  • Working with OTS re security, bandwidth issues (Mark J)
  • Digitizing and enhancing access to unique SFU collections;
  • Editorial cartoons, Doukhobor ; funded through YCW; Lake District project (Mark J)
  • Ensuring continued archival access.
  • Plan in place; migration issues for Special collections materials being explored (Mark J)
  • Review our reserve policies and practises to determine how they can better meet current information needs for the SFU community, revise Reserve Policy and procedures where appropriate, and follow-up by communicating to Library staff and faculty.
  • Task Group to be established (Todd). Online reserves may be place by Profs for copyright cleared material. Systems and Plans are underway to clear copyright for requested materials Spring 2004 (Mark J, Don)
  • Work with Graduate Studies, the SFU Archives, and the National Library to change theses requirements so that the Library will be able to provide online full-text access to SFU theses.
  • NLC Theses Committee re-established; presentation by Guy Teasdale (U Laval) in October 2003 (Todd)
  • Investigate the feasibility of providing online access to visual resources;
  • See above (Mark J)
  • Catalogue the slide collection.
  • Done
  • Investigate improved acquisitions/processing turnaround time so that materials are made available to users as soon as possible (particularly gift materials).
  • Done (staff re-allocation)

Expand the effectiveness of Special Collections by:

STATUS (Lead responsibility)
  • Cataloguing all finding aids (including those for the Contemporary Literature Collection) and making them available online;
  • Model developed; included in Special Collections processing report (Eric)
  • Increasing outreach programs for specific campus groups.
  • English, History classes meet in Wosk Room; joint lectures sponsored with English, Print Culture and other groups. Ongoing (Eric)

C Library as Place:

STATUS (Lead responsibility)
  • Identify ways to upgrade the physical amenities for its users;
  • Added more computers in response to activity fall 2002. Restricted some to five minutes; with ACS opened the SFU Information Commons. Ongoing (Todd)
  • Investigate the feasibility of establishing additional lounge seating areas;
  • Monitor when available (Garth)
  • Investigate the installation of day-use lockers;
  • Done with donation from Alumni (Garth)
  • Explore the possibility of selling small items such as diskettes, pens, connectors, needed especially during hours other facilities are closed;
  • (Todd)
  • Explore ways to improve photocopy service without increasing costs to users;
  • Long range planning under way (Todd)
  • Address heating, cleaning and lighting problems with Facilities Management, where feasible;
  • Lighting audit under way. Ongoing (Todd)
  • Improve navigational signage;
  • Ongoing (Kim)
  • Plan for an automobile-accessible book return facility;
  • Done (Todd)
  • Improve access for sight-impaired and other users with disabilities, including a specialized computer and desk;
  • Done. Computer in place and being used; help being provided on request to students by Document Delivery services.
  • Provide graduate student study office(s) in the Lam Graduate Research Centre.
  • Temporary space was provided for three students in a single room but this was required for other purposes. Funding is being sought to build closed study space in the central core.
  • Begin planning and fundraising for the ARC.
  • Sixth priority in Capital Plan; Information Commons and additional shelving a priority as it will provide 5 years additional growth for relatively low cost.
  • Explore means for reconfiguring and renovating the second floor into a coherent, integrated, multipurpose 'Information Commons' facility in consultation with Academic Computing Services, the Instructional Development Centre, and the University Administration.
  • Create SFU Information Commons and move WordStation to floor 3 (done), install stacks on west side of floor 2 and on floor 4 (done). To do: renovate floor 2 and install stacks (funding being sought) (Todd)
  • Examine expansion needs for Belzberg Library.
  • Windows installed in mezzanine to improve study space. Design plan for additional collections, instructional and liaison space on mezzanine complete. Funding being sought (Karen)
  • Expand and upgrade access to online facilities in the Library, including: improved computer access; wireless access;  and audio/video-multimedia support;
  • Wireless access points installed on floors 2 ,3,5 . A/V multimedia security, access being worked out with OTS (Mark J)
  • Investigate the use of self-service library check-out units in order to allow counter staff to provide enhanced services.
  • Will allow expanded Loans counter activities; to be investigated by Task Group (Todd)

D. Public Services:

Increase user awareness of library services and facilities by:

STATUS (Lead responsibility)
  • Continuing to work with faculty to integrate library instruction on identifying, accessing, and evaluating information resources into classroom instruction;
  • Ongoing; increasing activity (Liaison librarians)
  • Investigating the hiring or provision of awards for “student ambassadors” (students who would raise awareness of the Library within their peer group, and awareness of student issues within the Library);
  • Added to Library priority fundraising list
  • Working with diverse cultural groups of students and student organizations such as the Native Student Centre or the Women's Centre;
  • Displays, working with student organizations (Library Diversity Working Group); LIDC ( Moninder )
  • Continuing to advocate for the Library's central role in the research/instructional process of the University.
  • Developed CARL responses to Ministers of Advanced Ed.; participate in LIDC workshops, Instructional Development Group, Learning Technology Steering Committee, Surrey Advisory Committee

Extend reference service within and outside the Library to meet users' needs at the desktop by:

STATUS (Lead responsibility)
  • Integrating and expanding “ my.sfulib ” service consistent with the “” development;
  • Integration mechanism, some services in place; additional services continue to be explored (Mark J)
  • Investigating synchronous online reference service;
  • Collaborative service offered with UVIC
  • Expanding the use of online self-directed tutorials where appropriate (e.g., for Distance Education, and/or as part of classroom instruction);
  • Increasing use; eg Qarbon viewlet used for geography tutorial (Liaison Librarians)
  • Explore the usefulness of increasing reference or information desk hours evenings and weekends;
  • Increased by 1 hour Sat and Sun; and 2 hours Friday pm
  • Explore the potential for providing 'shelf location help on demand' by student shelvers ;
  • (Todd)
  • Improve the user focus of Library publications, web pages, and communications for the SFU community;
  • Done. New web pages involved user testing; 3 rd floor print publications re-organized.
  • Explore the potential for limited on-site support at strategic points on or off campus.
  • Done. Ask Us Live, Surrey Branch, off-site instruction on request ( Whitehorse , etc.); AskUsHere roving reference librarian activities.

E. Library Relationships:

STATUS (Lead responsibility)
  • Continue to work with campus groups to advocate for new models of cost-effective scholarly publishing;
  • Participating in national projects, eg CARL University Institutional Repository, Synergies CFI project; act as an online provider (on a cost recovery basis) for a limited number of resources (BC Bookworld , CJC) invited speakers, eg . J-C Guedon in Spring 2002; Frances Groen ; John Willinsky (Lynn, Mark J)
  • Maintain ongoing consultation with Library users and continue to improve user feedback mechanisms, e.g.: focus groups ; targeted short surveys at service points; working with technical writing classes and/or statistics classes on library projects;
  • User testing for new web site; surveys planned Fall 2003 prior to review.
  • Review Library services and funding for jointly offered programmes , self-funded programmes , programmes offered at remote sites, and non-SFU users (e.g., Burnaby Mountain Community, Open Learning Agency, etc.);
  • UniverCity : preliminary discussion
  • OLA: re-configured
  • SCES access provided to staff as well as students, faculty
  • Identify and improve services for the diverse campus population by: holding special orientation sessions; by  raising awareness among staff; and by liaising with other groups on campus;
  • See above
  • Work with SFU Advancement to communicate Library funding priorities, identify potential donors and partners, and create supporting publicity materials, including a Library Advancement web site;
  • Pamphlets developed, distributed eg . at Word On The Street; web site developed; ongoing ( Lynn )
  • Seek ways to expand the Library's cultural role at SFU by strengthening the poetry reading and exhibition programs and investigating and supporting events of interest to the broad campus community.
  • Ongoing; approximately five programmes in Fall 2003

F Support for Library Staff:

STATUS (Lead responsibility)
  • Continue to improve orientation for all Library staff;
  • New orientation programme in place; Ongoing
  • Provide appropriate information service training for Loans Counter staff to complement that provided for the Information and Reference Desk staff;
  • (Elaine)
  • Provide a basic level of public ‘help' training for all Library staff, e.g., all staff should be able to answer a standard list of basic questions.
  • (Elaine)
  • Where feasible provide appropriate career development support;
  • Ongoing; eg international exchange of Nina Smart.
  • Recognize the ongoing contributions of Library staff to the success of the Library;
  • Profile increased in Library Newsletter, Annual Report. Ongoing
  • Continue to advocate with the University Administration for adequate Library staff and ensure adequate resources to do the job.
  • Library received $150k lift to base; and DTO funding as well as funding for Surrey
  • Continue to work at improving internal staff communication.
  • Staff Newsletter considered but ongoing email communication preferred as more timely. Other ideas to be explored ( semesterly reception for new staff, pictures on staff website on a voluntary basis); revise staff website (Angela)