What to expect if you are applying for a librarian position at SFU

Librarian job opportunities at the SFU Library 

Interested in working at the SFU Library? 

We are looking for qualified candidates from diverse communities who will help us advance our vision, values, and goals.

When we have openings for librarians in either limited-term or continuing positions, we post to the Partnership job board and to relevant listservs.

The SFU Library commits to a continuous process of transformation to advance equity, diversity, and inclusion and to serve the cause of social justice. See the Library’s Statement on Equity, Diversity and Inclusion for more information.

In order to create a shortlist, the selection committee will systematically consider each application against the list of position qualifications.  If you have experience in each listed area, be sure your application provides evidence or examples, rather than simply stating that you meet the qualifications. Please note that the full recruitment cycle for a librarian position typically takes 10-12 weeks, from the date of posting to completion.

If you are short-listed for an interview

To help you prepare, and for your day to go as well as possible, here's what you can expect.

An SFU Library staff member will contact you to set a date and time for an interview, and give you location information (including directions if needed). We will also share the names and positions of the search committee members, an overview of the day's proceedings, and, if needed, details of any preparation you need to do in advance. 

If you are coming from out of town, when we arrange for your interview we will also discuss your options for covering your travel costs. SFU Library staff can assist you to make travel arrangements (so you are not out-of-pocket for costs), or you can make your own arrangements and we will reimburse you (after the interview, and after you submit a claim with receipts). 

See Arriving in Vancouver for details about getting to each SFU campus.

If you would benefit from any accommodations to make the interview day work well for you, please let us know.  If you have other questions at this point, please ask.

Librarian interview process

Librarian interviews at SFU usually include the following steps:

  • Presentation to the committee, and sometimes to other Library or campus community groups
  • Interview with the committee, usually 4-8 librarians and staff working in related areas

Interviews may also include:

  • Tour of the SFU Library where you are interviewed (sometimes also the campus and/or other SFU Libraries, depending on the position)
  • Meetings with prospective co-workers at SFU

Bear in mind that everything that happens during your visit to SFU may factor into your assessment as a candidate (i.e. nothing is "off the record").

We will also ask you to provide professional references.

After the interview: Next steps

If you are the successful candidate:

  • The committee chair will contact you to make a verbal offer, and to discuss compensation, start date, and other details. 
  • The chair will make a recommendation to the Dean of Libraries.
  • At this point  the official paperwork begins.  (Note that it can take some time for the administrative work to be completed.)
  • The University will send you a letter of offer, which you will need to sign and return.

If you have been short-listed but were not the successful candidate, we will contact you to inform you. 

If you have questions about the process or your specific circumstances, please don't hesitate to contact the chair of the selection committee. 

Working as an SFU librarian

Gwen Bird, University Librarian and Dean of Library Services, provides operational and strategic leadership for the SFU Library. Her welcome message reiterates our vision statement: The SFU Library is Open for Research.  Open for Learning.  Open for Collaboration

SFU Library priorities, reports, statistics

To learn about the SFU Library's priorities, see our Strategic Plan. This plan expresses our core values of openness, diversity and creativity, and -- at a high level -- our approach to user-centred priorities and creating a positive work culture.

Visit SFU Library planning & reports for annual reports and statistics.

SFU relationships and partners

The SFU Library reports to the Vice-President Academic and works with the Senate Library Committee in an advisory capacity. 

The Library also has close ties to: 

Compensation and benefits

SFU Librarians are hired under the terms of the SFU / SFU Faculty Association (SFUFA) Collective Agreement.

SFU resources for new librarians

SFU Faculty Relations

See SFU Faculty Relations' information about benefits and services, as well as New Faculty Information, for more about working at Simon Fraser University as a faculty member. 

Faculty Relations also holds a New Faculty Orientation program in the fall term of each year.


SFU has a team of Canadian immigration consultants to provide assistance to departments in hiring foreign nationals to the university.

Start at the SFU Immigration Services portal for more details.


SFU reimburses relocation expenses for eligible faculty members moving households from distances greater than 50km from SFU. See Relocation: Faculty Relocation Expense Benefits for details.


See Childcare options for details on childcare at SFU.

The SFU Childcare Society provides Infant/toddler and preschool programs on the Burnaby campus, along with before and after school programs for school aged children.

University Highlands Elementary School is located on Burnaby Mountain, beside the SFU Campus. Other public schools are located throughout the Lower Mainland, administered by municipal school boards.


See SFU's guide to Housing for more information on housing option on campus and off.

UniverCity is a sustainable community located next door to the Burnaby campus.  Faculty members at SFU can take advantage of housing opportunities in UniverCity, such as the Verdant building which offers an affordable component for SFU faculty and staff and their families. 

Faculty members purchasing their first residence in the Lower Mainland may also be eligible for mortgage subsidy and down payment assistance