Recommended reading for the 2019 Community Summit: Confronting the Disinformation Age

Confronting the disinformation age

Prepare for the 2019 Community Summit: Confronting the Disinformation Age [April 10 to 18] with some of the titles in this recommended reading list.

These works expand on some of the key ideas discussed throughout this year's Community Summit event and are available for borrowing in the SFU Library collection.


    Come to terms with the new realities posed by the"post-truth era" in which emotional appeals outweigh factual statements.

    Fake news

    Better understand the effects of the rise in intentionally misleading news stories that find wide audiences via social media.


      Re-evaluate the essential role of truth and fact-checking in the political sphere.

      Technology and social media

      Evaluate the role of technology and social media platforms as key agents in the increasing proliferation of widespread misinformation.

      Scientific misinformation

      Learn about the ongoing threat to scientific knowledge posed by widespread misinformation about topics ranging from vaccinations to climate change.

      Classic works

      Discover the philosophical theories and historical trends that add valuable context to current debates involving the role of truth and information in politics and society.


      Learn more about challenges and threats to information access in a Canadian context, with titles discussing political propaganda, media censorship, and governmental control over online communication.

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