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REM 100 Global Change - Start Here

 For assistance, please contact Jenna Walsh or the librarians at Ask a Librarian.

Table of Contents

  1. Encyclopedias - start with encyclopedias for overviews
  2. Taxonomies - to obtain scientific names of commonly known organisms, classification schemes, ecology, etc.
  3. Books - use  "advanced keyword" search in the Library catalogue
    1. Library Catalogue Search Guide (finding books)
    2. Research Concepts Worksheet - use the worksheet to brainstorm ideas, figure out keywords, develop search strategies
    3. Citation Finder Use this tool to locate specific journal articles, books, etc. (i.e. i.e. when you already have a citation/reference)
    4. Term paper - provides more details on search strategies / techniques for REM 100 paper
  4. Journal Articles - databases for finding scholarly journal articles
    1. What is a scholarly, peer-reviewed journal?
    2. How to critically evaluate sources
    3. Evaluating Web Resources - "evaluation section"
  5. Government
  6. Citation Management Software
  7. Other useful guides: Biological Sciences (check all the tabs), Geography Guide, including Spatial Information Science
  8. Understanding and Avoiding Plagiarism
  9. APA Style



For a more complete list, check the Biological Sciences guide - Background information

Look at the following subject heading to find field guides for plants:

Plants -- Identification
Plants -- Identification -- Handbooks, Manuals Etc

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Many of these resources contain distribution data, maps and ecology information.  Some have references so they are useful for finding additional information. When searching for books or journal articles, it is useful to also use "scientific" names of commonly known plants and animals, and the sources below can assist.  

British Columbia



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Library Catalogue Search Guide (finding books)

Try keyword searching, e.g.

environm* and (law or legislat*) and (canad* or bc or british columbia)
salmon and (bc or british columbia)
spotted owl and (bc or british columbia)

From the search on spotted owl (above), one of the relevant books had the following useful subject headings:

Spotted owl -- British Columbia.
Endangered species -- British Columbia.
Logging -- Environmental aspects -- British Columbia.

MAPS for B.C.

Some useful subject headings:


All the books within these databases are also listed in the library catalogue, so your search there will find any titles within these databases.

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Journal Articles

Finding Journal Articles (finding articles)

For a more complete list of Biological Sciences databases, and the Resource & Environmental Managment databases.  For the CSA Illumina and Ebsco Host platform databases, check for the words  "peer-reviewed"  or "academic journals" to zero in on those types of articles.

  • Environment Complete Indexes over 1,900 environmental journals, with fulltext access to about 750. Also available is fulltext access to over 200 monographs.
  • Web of Science - Science, Social Sciences and Arts and Humanities Citation Indexes
    • once you find a useful article, you may want to click on the the "cited times" link to find other researchers that have cited the article that you selected.

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Look under REM guide's  tab for "additional sources" to find useful guides such as:

Bylaws for different jurisdictions can also be found on the city sites.  E.g.

Government & Policy Information Databases

  • Canadian Research Index - Canadian government publications. 
    • Try searches such as: environment* and (law or legislat*) and canad* (or other jurisdictions)
    • The Microlog Microfiche number associated with the report will help you to locate the fiche on 6th floor in the Microforms area.  You may also want to search the site of the department that published the report in case it is available online.
Full text of public policy documents from Canadian institutes, think-tanks and research groups.



Try looking for maps from government sources and the library catalogue (section on this guide for  subject headings on hiking and trails)

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