• Boot camp booklets

    Thesis Boot Camp

    Thesis Boot Camp provides graduate students with the opportunity to spend three days dedicated to making serious progress on their dissertation or master’s thesis.

    Registration now OPEN for the April 2017 session (at SFU Burnaby).

    Register now before it fills up!

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  • interlibrary loans

    SFU doesn't have it?

    Use Interlibrary Loans to get books, articles, reports, and more from other libraries.

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  • Smiling student and the words 'Volunteer at SLC"

    Deadline extended! Volunteer at the Student Learning Commons (SFU Burnaby)

    Interested in volunteering at the Student Learning Commons?  We're recruiting Learning and Writing Peers now!

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  • from left to right: older to newer computers and a mobile phone; a cat takes off in a rocket ship

    Launching the new SFU Library Catalogue

    Hold on tight! The new-and-improved SFU Library Catalogue launches May 24th.

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  • Volunteer as an English Conversation Partner

    Volunteer as an English Conversation Partner

    Apply now! Learn about other cultures & help fellow students gain confidence in English.

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  • Jonathan Cote photo

    What Book Changed Your Mind?

    We asked our friends — faculty, staff, alumni, writers, scholars, artists, musicians — to tell us about that one book that changed everything!

  • Breaking news: Google bans cat pics on the internet! Apocalypse Meow! Two cats, one facing the camera, mouth open in surprise.

    Is it fake news? Propaganda? Satire?

    Fine-tune your fake news spotting skills with some quick tips -- or try a quiz!

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