• Request an SLC workshop for your group or class

    Contact the Student Learning Commons for writing or academic skills workshops -- customized for your students!

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  • shelf of graphic novels for book display at Bennett Library

    Get Graphic!

    Featuring graphic novels and comics all through August at the W.A.C. Bennett Library (Burnaby).

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  • Detail from Aldine Press book

    Spotlight on Aldus@SFU

    Hear from John Maxwell and Alessandra Bordini about their Aldine Press digitization project & what it means to do DH.

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  • Katherine Collins photo

    What book changed your mind?

    We asked our friends — faculty, staff, alumni, writers, scholars, artists, musicians — to tell us about that one book that changed everything!

  • Jupyter Notebook Service

    Jupyter Notebook Service

    Compute Canada and PIMS have launched a computing notebook service for SFU researchers. Python, R, and Julia scripts can be run through the browser using Jupyter notebook.

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