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Research Commons: Consultations

SFU graduate students are encouraged to book consultations with Research Commons staff and partners.

Liaison Librarians

To book a consultation with your Liaison Librarian, see Liaison Librarians.

Data Services Librarian

To book a consultation for assistance with research data services, please see Research Commons: Data Services Librarian.

Digital Scholarship Librarian

To book a consultation for assistance with developing a digital project, open access publishing, or developing an online academic presence, please contact Rebecca Dowson

GIS consultations

GIS consultations (typically 30 - 60 minutes) are available to provide in-depth assistance to researchers from any discipline. A consultation can be focused on topics such as the following:

  • introducing GIS
  • technical issues
  • searching for geospatial data
  • answering questions specific to your project
  • demonstrating features and techniques.

Consultations are facilitated by the GIS & Map Librarian or the Graduate Peer GIS Facilitator, depending on the focus of the consultation. To book a consultation, please fill out the GIS consultation request form.

Graduate Writing Facilitators

Graduate Writing Facilitators can assist with:

  • Academic writing, including suggestions to improve argumentation, coherence and flow
  • Literature reviews, proposal writing, project and time management, and more.

For more information on graduate writing consultations, see Writing Services Offered by the Research Commons.

EAL/ESL Specialist

Tim Mossman can assist with:

  • Academic writing: word usage, grammar, sentence structure, making connections between ideas, elaborating and expanding arguments, logical reasoning, paraphrasing  techniques, and more.
  • Academic reading: skimming and scanning, critical reading, comprehension and analysis, and more.
  • Conversational and academic speaking and listening: comprehensibility, presentation techniques, pronunciation, pragmatic competence, and more.
  • To book a consultation with the EAL/ESL Specialist, use our Consultation Request form.

Graduate NVivo Facilitators

Graduate NVivo Facilitators can assist with:

  • Orienting researchers to NVivo software for organizing, coding, and analysing textual, audiovisual, social media and other data.
  • Other uses of NVivo such as organizing literature reviews, and handling survey data.

To book a consultation with a Graduate NVivo Facilitator, use our NVivo Consultation Request form.

Important: Graduate Peer NVivo Facilitators can use sample data to demonstrate the software. If you would like to bring your own project file, please review these pre-consultation guidelines prior to your appointment.

Assistant for Theses

To book a consultation for assistance with thesis formatting and submission, use our booking system.