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W.A.C. Bennett Library Master Space Plan

exterior image of the W.A.C. Bennett Library, SFU Burnaby

The WAC Bennett Library is embarking on a master space planning effort to define the vision for the future of the Library, and to act as a road map for future improvements and upgrades.  The goal is to specify a complete spatial plan for the Bennett Library that is future-oriented and learner- and researcher-centred.  The plan will be flexible and robust enough to adapt to future developments in teaching, research and learning. 

Renewal of the Library is a priority in the SFU Capital Plan 2017 – 2022, as the over 50 year old building requires a major infrastructure upgrade.  The planning process will run from July 2017 through early 2018.

We want to hear from you

As part of this process, gathering input from students, faculty, and the university community is essential.  Membership in an Advisory Group is being finalized, focus-groups for graduate and undergraduate students are being planned, a Visioning open house will be held in July, another event is planned for Fall, and ideas are welcome by email (

Visioning open house - Thursday July 20

Anytime between 1 and 3 pm
Bennett Library Main Floor, Room 3008

Please join us to share your thoughts on the Library.  Stations will be set up on a variety of themes with no formal programme or schedule.  Coffee, tea and treats will be available. 

Focus groups - Thursday July 27

Participate in an undergraduate or graduate/postdoc focus group and receive a Starbucks card. 

Contact for details if you are interested. 

Advisory Committee

  • Joy Johnson, Vice-President, Research and International
  • Peter Keller, Vice-President, Academic and Provost
  • Jane Pulkingham, Dean, Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences
  • Imin Chen, Associate Professor, Mathematics
  • Colette Colligan, Professor, English
  • Larry Waddell, Chief Facilities Officer
  • Annette Santos, Director, Student Engagement and Retention, Student Services
  • Gini Kuo, SFSS Business Faculty Representative / Jamie Zhu, SFSS Education Representative
  • TBD, GSS Representative
  • Gwen Bird, Dean of Libraries
  • Patty Gallilee, Associate Dean of Libraries, Collections and Scholarly Communication
  • Natalie Gick, Associate Dean of Libraries, Administrative Services

Working Committee

  • Ian Abercrombie, Director Campus Planning and Development
  • Garth Lauer, Building and Equipment Operations
  • Heather De Forest, Community Scholar Librarian
  • Jenna Thomson, Acting Head, Learning and Instructional Services
  • Nicole White, Head, Research Commons
  • Megan Crouch, Collections
  • Flora Liu, Loans/Receiving employee and Undergraduate student
  • Mark Westwood, SLC Peer and Undergraduate student
  • Natalie Gick, Associate Dean of Libraries, Administrative Services


A proposal to renew the WAC Bennett Library is part of the SFU Five-Year Capital Plan 2017 – 2022.   The building requires a major infrastructure upgrade to extend the life of the building and to address deferred maintenance, code, and accessibility issues; and a reorganization to modernize functionality and to meet the requirements of a student-centred, research-driven, and community-engaged university.

In preparation for a full renewal, and to inform incremental renovations, the Library and Facilities Services issued a Request for Proposal to create a Master Space Plan for the WAC Bennett Library.  The architectural firms selected are the Miller Hull Partnership and WMW Public Architecture + Communication.

The Plan will specify a complete spatial program for the WAC Bennett Library that is future-oriented and learner- and researcher-centred, and the supporting technology and infrastructure required.  The plan will identify new functional areas, as well as plans for the retention, modification or re-use of existing areas.  The Plan will be flexible and robust enough to adapt to future developments in pedagogy, research methodologies and student practices.

The Plan will both address the Library’s functional requirements, and accommodate the recommendations already compiled by Campus Planning and Development to renew the building infrastructure, systems (mechanical, electrical), and envelope.  

For information on other facilities projects at the W.A.C. Bennett Library see W.A.C. Bennett Library Renewal.