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Error codes while searching the SFU Library database

Published June 16, 2015 by Anonymous

Q:  I have been getting error pages for the last several hours (current time 2:40pm Sunday, May 31, 2015) whenever I attempt to search the library database from the library home page. I can not seem to find a proper server status page that would update people on the status or estimated time of repair either (the one that comes up in a search of SFU  sites is, and this seems to be about 7 years out of date).



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Data Sources for BUS 430

Published June 15, 2015 by Mark Bodnar

I understand that our BUS 430 students (Cross-Cultural Management) are going to be looking for some secondary data sources to test various hypotheses. I thought I'd list a few of my favourite sources that might fit their needs.  

In no particular order, my recommendations are... 

Copyright for Instructors - Answers now to save angst later!

Published June 11, 2015 by Mark Bodnar

​Calling all instructors... 

Have you ever been in the middle of planning a lecture when you suddenly wondered if showing that video (or copying that chapter... or making a slide from that artistic work) was allowed within copyright laws, policies, and guidelines?

Such quandaries tend to happen at the last minute -- often at midnight! Why not spend an hour now to save some worry later?


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Proximity searching: search with a laser instead of a floodlight

Published May 28, 2015 by Mark Bodnar

I thought I'd resurrect this older post as it is still very relevant and useful. (MarkB)


Image of a floodlightFor most searches in our databases, the basic syntax of (A and B) works fine. (E.g., (librarians and cool).)  For some more complex topics, it's necessary to add in some synonyms: ((A or B) and (C or D)). (E.g., ((librarians or libraries) and (cool or awesome)).) 

American Antiquity

Published May 26, 2015 by Anonymous

Q:  I tried to access an article in the latest issue of American Antiquity by Lepofsky et al. [Lepofsky, D. et al. 2015. "Ancient shellfish mariculture on the Northwest Coast of North America."  American Antiquity  80:236-59.], but when I went to the e-version of American Antiquity that the library provides access to, everything in the issue seemed  to be available EXCEPT pp. 236-59 which simply seemed to be missing.  Can you help clarify what is up and how I can get access to this article online?

The Trouble With Systematic Reviews

Published May 25, 2015 by Yolanda Koscielski

Jon Brassey, founder of the medical database Trip, expressed some concerns over the quality of systematic review research methodologies during his webinar this morning.

One concern is that systematic reviews are "untenable" and "unsustainable" for clinical practice: a medical professional is faced with a declining patient, and doesn't have time to run a 6-month or 2-year systematic review to determine the effective treatment.


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