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In praise of the news (and of reading it!)

Published February 15, 2016 by Mark Bodnar

Imagine for a second that our world was remarkably static.

No new products or services would ever be created, largely because no new consumer demands ever arose. Demographics & desires... demand & supply -- all unchanging.  Companies wouldn't be competing with each other through new ways of advertising, innovative distribution systems, and improved production methods, so they'd all have settled into whatever slice of market share they'd captured back in the days when things were more dynamic.

In such a world, incumbent companies in any given industry would, I suspect, be very hard to push aside. New companies and new solutions would be rare, if not nonexistent.

About the BUEC Buzz blog

Published January 1, 2013 by Mark Bodnar

The BUEC Buzz is a current awareness resource for the students and faculty members in Business and Economics at SFU.

Its goal is to keep you informed of the many business and economics research resources available via the SFU Library (and beyond).  

[See the full post (click on the title) for links to the blog's deep archives (back to 1999!) and for details on how to keep on top of new posts as they are published.]

On archers, cat-lovers, and beer drinkers: Vividata via the SFU Library

Published June 30, 2016 by Mark Bodnar

Did you know...

Archers are overrepresented, given their numbers in the Canadian population overall, among those who consider themselves cutting edge when it comes to electronics (i.e., the first to buy new electronic gadgets) AND archers are also overrepresented among Canadians who report having taken on the care of an elderly relative in the last year?

Canadians who fit in the “Driving Miss Daisy” psychographic cluster are overrepresented among those who have 3 or more cats, yet significantly underrepresented among those who possess more than $1 million in securities and savings?

... and more ...

Timely ebook! "Routledge handbook of the economics of European integration"

Published June 27, 2016 by Mark Bodnar

With the BREXIT vote dominating the news for the last week, I thought I'd quickly highlight the following 2016 ebook in the SFU Library collection:

From the publisher:

"Routledge Handbook of the Economics of European Integration provides readers with a brief but comprehensive overview of topics related to the process of European integration in the post-World War II period. Its short chapters reflect the most up-to-date and concise research, written by a collective of experts on their own subjects."

Self-Checkout Kiosks for Reserves/Holds

Published May 11, 2016 by Mary Palisoc

Comment: Every time I scan my item (after scanning my Student ID card), the on-screen message indicates to push the item forward. No matter which way I try to 'scan' or 'swipe' my book, an error message pops up to scan again, until the kiosk prompts to have a library attendant scan the item for me. Even a library staff member who attempted to use the kiosk was unable to successfully scan the library material.


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