SA 331: Politics of the Family

This guide will provide selected databases for journal articles as well as strategies on how to find books and statistical data on families.

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For Library research help, please contact Moninder Lalli, Librarian for Sociology / Anthropology by email ( or Ask a librarian.


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Writing the annotated bibliography

Check the SFU Library guide, Annotated bibliographies

University of Toronto's guide provides examples of useful terms to use when creating the annotations: Writing an annotated bibliography

Selected encyclopedias

Use encyclopedias, handbooks or textbook for overviews, definitions, and to identify key authors or concepts.  

Journal articles

How to find journal articles tutorial

The first three databases (below) will provide articles from sociological and anthropological journals.   If the full-text of the article is not available, use the "Get@SFU" link to find it.

For a more complete list of  Sociology databases

Find books in the Library

Library Catalogue search guide

Search the SFU Library Catalogue: Advanced keyword

For the searches below, you can further limit the search results by "Subject" or "Resource type" (such as "books)

Combine different concepts using AND
Combine same concepts using OR
quotation marks to search for a phrase
Use brackets for synonyms
Use asterisk (*) for different endings of words

Note:  For Catalogue Search, when combining concepts, use CAPITAL letters ( "OR", "AND")

Look at the titles in the "results list" and for those books that look relevant, click on their subject headings.


Selected books

Browse by subject

Browse by subject (change the default "Browse by title" to ""Browse by subject" using the pull-down menu)

Government and statistics

British Columbia


Statistics Canada

Statistics Canada is the main statistical agency with responsibility to gather statistical data on Canadians.  Explore their "subject", "data", and "analysis" sections as well as trying keyword searches on your topic.

Use the Search engine to search for topics.

Estimates of the number of census families as of July 1st

             (Formerly CANSIM 051-0055) , Geography: Canada, Province or territory.  Annual estimates of the number of census families on July 1st, Canada,
              provinces and territories. This includes lone parent" families

Portrait of children’s family life in Canada in 2016 (98-200-X2016006) This article in the Census in Brief series describes the family situations of children living in a lone-parent family, in a stepfamily or without their biological or adoptive parents. This document also ...


Census Program


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