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Intercultural Communication and Diversity information resources: Background information

Dictionaries and terminology


  • Gale Virtual Reference Library -- connect, then select "Social Sciences." TIP: Either search all encyclopedias as part of this database, or to search a particular title, check the box on left side "search within this publication".
  • International Encyclopedia of the Social & Behavioral Sciences: IESBS -- articles under: "cross-cultural psychology", "cross-cultural research methods", "cross-cultural study of education", "cultural assimilation", "cultural diversity, human development and education", "ethnocentrism", "ethnicity, race, and health", "multicultural education", "parenting in ethnic minority families", "race: history of the concept", etc.
  • Oxford Reference Online -- 100 general reference works plus material in language, science and medicine, humanities and social sciences, business, and professional areas.
  • Sage eReference -- over 40 encyclopedias -- List of encyclopedias.
  • Sage Research Methods Online  -- Access to research methods online from books and numerous reference sources. E.g. search for "oral history"