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GSWS 411 / GSWS 831 Special Topics: Gendering Environment

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For Library research help, please contact Moninder Lalli, Librarian for Gender, Sexuality, and Women's Studies () or Ask a librarian.

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      Selected reference sources


      Library Catalogue search guide

      Use the Advanced Keyword Search in the Library Catalogue to search for a book on a topic.

      Examples of keyword combinations

      • ecofemini* or eco-femini*

      • (gender or women or femini*) and (environ* or ecolog*) and (race or class)

      • (gender or women or femini*) and (environ* or ecolog*) and (activis* or protest* or resist*)

      • (gender or women or femini*) and (environ* or ecolog*) and sustain* and develop*

      • environ* and justice

      • environ* and (policy or policies or law or legislat*) and [name of place or region]

      Subject headings & books about an author

      Browse search the Catalogue for an author (enter the last name, and then the first name) to find critical or biographical books.

      "Subjects" found within the records of books will lead you to other books on the same topic. There may also be subheadings under a subject heading for geographic areas such as a name of a city, a region, or a country.  Alternatively, you can choose "Browse by subject" and look for topic words.

      • Climatic Changes -- Government Policy
      • Climatic Changes -- Government Policy -- Canada
      • Ecofeminism
      • Environmental justice - works on equal protection from environmental and health hazards for all people regardless of race, income, culture, or social class.
      • Environmental Monitoring
      • Environmental Policy -- Canada
      • Environmental Policy -- United States
      • Environmental Protection -- United States
      • Environmental refugees
      • Environmentalism
      • Feminism -- Developing countries
      • Feminism -- Methodology
      • Feminism -- Research
      • Feminist theory
      • Food -- Political aspects
      • Food Security
      • Food sovereignty
      • Green movement - works on the movement that embraces a political culture and lifestyle focused on environmental and other issues, such as ecological accountability, grass roots democracy, and pacifism, often based on a separate political party
      • Human Ecology -- Research Methodology
      • Protest Movements In Mass Media
      • Sustainable Development
      • Sustainable living
      • Women and the environment - works on feminist theory that emphasizes the interdependence of all living things and the relationship between social oppression and ecological domination
      • Women environmentalists
      • Women In Sustainable Development
      • Women in sustainable development -- Asia
      • Women In Sustainable Development -- Developing Countries

      Journal articles and reports

      Use these indexes to locate journal articles on your topic. You can "limit" your search to "academic or "scholarly / peer reviewed" journals.



      • CBCA Complete Comprehensive Canadian periodical collection for reference and current events. Publications include scholarly journal articles, trade publications, dissertations, books, newspapers and magazines.
      • Canadian Electronic Library full-text of books, reports, and other documents.
      • Canadian Research Index: Find Canadian policy, research, social, economic, and political reports issued by the federal and provincial governments, as well as by government funded research institutes.
      • CanLII - Canadian case law and statutes
      • Eldis Gateway to Development Information- full-text reports from around the world. Topical guides: agriculture and foodenvironment, food security, manuals, research to policyKey issues: check out "Gender and climate change "
      • HeinOnline - includes law-related research material stored digitally in a fully-searchable, image-based format.
      • SourceOECD - Reports from Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) from 1998. Country studies, forecasting publications. Topics covered include energy, environment, social issues, and sustainable development
      • Statista - Statistical reports from around the world. Try searching for "environmental sustainability", "environmentally friendly", "environmental pollution", "environment protection", "environmental protection measures"
      • Statistics Portal (Food and Agricultural Organisation of the United Nations): The FAO statistical databases listed on this page are online multi-lingual databases containing statistical information on various topics. For statistics on agriculture, nutrition, fisheries, forestry, food aid, land use and population, see FAOSTAT.
      • UNdata (Formerly known as UNSTATS): "A compilation of United Nations and agency statistics, covering economic, social, financial and development topics."
      • List of News databases

      Selected journals


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