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GSWS 320 Gender, Environment and Climate Justice

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For Library research help, please contact Moninder Lalli, Librarian for Gender, Sexuality, and Women's Studies ( or Ask a librarian.

Selected enyclopedias

Create a concept map

Before searching for information, it is helpful to develop a "concept map" of the key terms that you may want to use while searching. Think of the logical terms and their synonyms (terms that mean the same or similar things).

Example 1

Topic: Women and climate change in [name of geographic region or country]

Concept 1:  women, gender
Concept 2:  climate, environment
Concept 3:  change(es, ing), justice
Concept 4: name of geographic region or country, such as Canada or British Columbia or Claoquot Sound

Combine similar terms with an "or"
Combine different terms with an "and"

An asterisk (*) will pick up variations of a root term.  E.g. searching for "chang*" will pick up change, changes, changing

women or gender
climate or environ*
chang* or justice or destruct* or destro*
[name of geographic region or country]

Example 2

Topic: Impact of Bhopal gas disaster on environment and health

Concept 1: Bhopal, India (geographic terms) 
Concept 2: gas leak or toxic substances or industrial disaster or Union Carbide India Limited (UCIL) or methyl isocyanate (MIC) gas
Concept 3: health or environment or victims

After creating the concept map, try searching for journal articles in databases and books & articles in Catalogue Search.

Journal articles and reports

How to find journal articles.
What is a scholarly (or peer-reviewed) journal?
Finding articles: Advanced search techniques [video]
    This three-minute video introduces some advanced search techniques, demonstrated in Academic Search Premier. 


Use databases below search for journal articles on your topic.  In some databases you can "limit" your search to "academic or "scholarly / peer reviewed" journals.

  • Women's Studies International
  • Environment Complete - Indexes over 1,900 environmental journals 
  • ENVIROnetBASE   E-books, reviews, and research volumes in the Environmental Sciences from CRC Press. Subjects include environmental protection, remediation, green and sustainable practices, biofuels, and renewable energy. 
  • ScienceDirect    Ebooks and journal articles on science and medicine, from Elsevier.
  • Eldis Gateway to Development Information- full-text reports from around the world. Key issues: check out "Gender and climate change "
  • Sociological Abstracts - theoretical and applied sociology, social science, and policy science.
  • Bibliography of Native North Americans - Index for all aspects of Native North American culture, history, and life
  • CBCA Complete Comprehensive Canadian periodical collection for reference and current events. Publications include scholarly journal articles, trade publications, dissertations, books, newspapers and magazines. 
  • News Sources Databases
    • LexisNexis  International news coverage, business news, legal cases and law reports from early 1970's to present. Content is strongly American with significant coverage of Canadian and international topics.  
    • Times Digital Archive   Also known as the "The London Times" or "The Times of London" this is a digital reproduction of The Times newspaper with a 6-year embargo on current content. It also includes its predecessor The Universal Daily Register (1785-1788). The world's oldest continuously published newspaper, the Times contains extensive national (UK) and international news coverage, UK parliamentary reports, commentary, and editorial opinions. The entire newspaper is captured, with all articles, advertisements, and illustrations/photos.

Selected journals


Library Catalogue search guide

Use the Advanced Keyword Search in the Library Catalogue to search for a book on a topic.

E.g. environment OR climate
        gender OR women
        justice OR injustice

             - limited to "subjects"  

NOTE: For correct logic, use capital letters (instead of lower case) when combining concepts with"OR" or "AND".

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Grey literature

Grey literature: what it is and how to find it
Grey literature is information produced outside of traditional publishing and distribution channels, and can include reports, working papers, newsletters, government documents, speeches, white papers, urban plans, and so on.

Search tips for Google and Google Scholar
Our quick overview of basic and more advanced techniques.

  • Use Google's site limits to search a government or institution's site or top-level domain, for instance: to search for Canadian federal government information.
  • Use intitle: to force the search engine to find those words in the titles of results (MUCH more specific results):

Example: Bhopal Disaster

Find government information by using "Google" search engine.

Information published by the Government of Madhya Pradesh (state name), India is not in the English language.

For information published in English by the central government of India, try Bhopal (gas OR disaster OR leak OR "Union Carbide") (health OR environment)

The url would have "" for the Government of India's publications.

intitle:Bhopal (gas OR disaster OR leak OR "Union Carbide") (health OR environment)

The "title" of the document would have the word "Bhopal"

Government information

British Columbia


United States



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