GERO 801 Health Policy and Applied Issues in Gerontology

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Term paper research


  • Handbook of sociology of aging [print or online]
    Comprehensive text focused on the many different aspects of the sociology of aging, with particular focus on the "social forces that shape human aging, and the social consequences and policy implications of it."
    In particular, see Sections V: Social Institutions and Aging: Rethinking Retirement and VI: Economies, government and aging
  • Health and care in ageing societies: a new international approach [print or online]
    International perspectives on aging and health care in the global context
  • The overselling of population aging [print]
    Critical text about the aging Canadian society and the panic and apocalyptic reaction to the aging population as a social crisis
  • Population aging and the evolving needs of older Canadians: An overview of the policy challenges
    Study examining the evolving care needs of the aging population and proposing that there is a need for policies that support the needs of informal caregivers
  • Reform proposals for replenishing retirement savings
    Study examining the crisis in Canadian retirement saving whereby many Canadians will reach 65 without the financial stability to retire

To find books, search the SFU online catalogue -- sample Subjects:

Sample Authors :

UBC has an excellent collection of health and health policy materials, so it is worth searching the UBC Library Catalogue. To obtain UBC materials or non-SFU materials in general, you can either make an Interlibrary Loan Request or find out about reciprocal borrowing cards.

Journal and newspaper articles and government documents

  • Ageline
    Major database for social gerontology.
    Sample subject terms: Public Policy, Pension Plans, Social Security Reform, Health Care Reform.
    As this is an American database, add search terms such as Canada, British Columbia, or even Outside United States
  • Canadian Electronic Library
    Publications from Canadian public policy institutes, research institutes, think tanks, advocacy groups, government agencies and university research centers.
    Sample terms: Continuum of care, Long term care of the sick, older persons, Medical policy
  • Canadian Research Index 
    Government publications from the municipal to the federal level.
    Search by name of government agency or terms such as: Medical policy, Health and Medical Care, Long term care of the sick, Long-term care facilities, Aged, etc.
    All documents found in the database are available in the Microlog microfiche collection (JL 044 37) on the Sixth Floor of the Bennett Library, or you can Request via the catalogue link (put in title of document and the Microlog number)
  • Medline
    Sample headings: Health policy, Legislation, Health Care Reform; subheading: legislation & jurisprudence.
    It's also American, so use geographic terms to narrow search

See also: News Databases for coverage of health policy topics in the popular press

See also: Health Policy Databases for even more options

SFU ejournals to browse

Legislation and legal materials

  • Finding Canadian Bills - SFU guide on how bills become legal acts and how you can find information on federal bills
  • Health Care Law - this U.S. website "provides a number of resources on the laws and regulations protecting patients, as well as the federal programs helping vulnerable individuals get the medical services they need."
  • LawCentral Canada - resources related to the legal issues that most concern seniors.
  • LawSource - comprehensive online database for finding primary Canadian legal documents including law reports and court decisions

Organization websites


Canadian Organizations


  • Institute for Research on Public Policy (IRPP) - national research organization dedicated to improving Canadian public policy, provides access to research including Faces of Aging
  • World Health Organization (WHO) - United Nations agency focused on global health
    Under the Research Tools section, the library database, or WHOLIS, can be searched by terms such as: Aged; Frail Elderly; Health Care Policy; Public Policy; National Health Programs; Policy Making; Health Services for the Aged

Other useful websites

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