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Climate crisis: Get informed and take action

Take action on climate change

Source: Teen climate activist Greta Thunberg speaks at four school strikes in a week, video 1:57, Source: ReutersThe Guardian (1 Mar 2019)

Get the facts

Whether you're writing a paper, organising an event, or preparing for a weekend debate with relatives, the SFU Library can help you to find articles, books, and reports from experts -- online and in print.

Climate change affects everything: Find resources for *all* academic disciplines

Many reports and articles from NGOs (like The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC)) and societies are available on the open web -- and others are behind paywalls, and available through Library subscriptions. 

Search our site to find books, journal articles, and reference sources -- online and in print -- and sign in to access subscription-based resources.

For discipline-specific recommendations, you can also check a research guide for your subject area, or Ask a Librarian

Climate Atlas of Canada

Interactive map of Very Hot Days from The Climate Atlas of Canada

Local events

For local events and actions, see Vancouver Extinction Rebellion's Twitter feed or Facebook page


International and local campaigns are continuing