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Library guide for Executive MBA in Indigenous Business and Leadership


This guide will get you started with doing a literature search for your business topics.  SFU Library subscribes to many business databases and information from these databases is not freely accessible through a Google search.

Research help

You can contact Moninder Lalli, Librarian for Graduate Business Programs () for assistance via email or by making an appointment.  Assistance is also available via Ask a librarian.

Belzberg Library Information for Graduate Business Programs.  This Library is located in downtown Vancouver.

Researching business information

Business information resources guide and the specialized guides listed on the Additional resources tab, such as Company information, Industry surveys, Market research, provide search tips and links to save time.  BUEC Buzz has news about the latest business sources at the SFU Library.

Tutorials are available on topics such as "project management" through Online Training Library.

Depending on your topic, you may also wish to consult other guides (First Nations, Government resources, Resource and Environmental Management). 

Two Library research portals below focus on indigenous topics:

It may be helpful to see examples of MBA research projects completed by previous SFU graduate business students. 

E.g. Search (indigen* or aborig*) and (business or entrepren* or econom*)
        Limit results to a collection (Segal Graduate School of  Business).

Terminology and search tips

Terminology describing Indigenous Peoples has varied over time.  For increased search results, consider adding multiple search terms, including names of specific groups, and place names. See  First Nations Terminology

Indigen* OR "First nations" OR Aborig* OR Indians OR Metis OR Native* OR Inuit* OR Innu OR (names of groups)

Search tips:

Use quotations ("") to search as a "phrase"; Use asterisk (*)  to search for different endings of a "root" word
Use "OR" to combine same concept;   Use "AND" to combine different concepts.  
With one-line search box, put braces around your synonyms  (____________ or __________) AND (__________ or ________)

Search tips for Google and Google Scholar

Databases for Business

Business Source Complete is a key resource.  It provides access to business journals (scholarly and trade), industry reports and country profiles.  Watch Only 4 Steps: Researching in Academic Business Journals (6.30 mins.)

Do a literature search.  Add selected articles to the "Folder" (top of screen). Email results.  When emailing, also choose a "citation style" (APA).   Use the "Get@SFU" icon, to search for material which is not full-text.


Indigen* OR "First nations" OR Aborig* OR Indians OR Metis OR Native* OR Inuit*
 joint venture* OR venture capital OR entrepren*

  Search results

    Limit results to "Subject" (left-hand column)

Business Databases by concentration

Citation Guide for Business Sources (APA 6th ed.)

    Databases for Indigenous topics

    Bibliography of Native North Americans - Index for all aspects of Native North American culture, history, and life.


             joint venture* OR venture capital OR entrepren*
             Canad* OR British Columbia

              Search result

              Limit results to "Subject" (left-hand column) terms.  Limit to "Scholarly/peer-reviewed"

    CBCA Complete  Canada's reference and current events - scholarly journal articles, trade publications, dissertations, books, newspapers and magazines.

    Canadian Research Index  Canadian government publications. 

    America: History and Life  Canadian & United States history

    For more, try First Nations databases list.

    Citation searching

    "Citation" searching is a useful strategy to check to see if a work that is relevant for you research has been cited by anyone else since it was initially published.   Enter the "citation" information into Google Scholar, using the link from SFU Library.  If your citation appears in the results list, check beneath it for "Cited by."

    Google Scholar


    Trosper, R., Nelson, H., Hoberg, G., Smith, P., & Nikolakis, W. (2008). Institutional determinants of profitable commercial forestry enterprises among First Nations in Canada. Canadian Journal Of Forest Research, 38(2), 226-238. doi:10.1139/X07-167

       "Cited by"

      Find books and journal articles

      Use A to Z Journal list to search for a journal or a newspaper (E.g. Wall Street Journal)

      Use Citation Finder/ILL to search for a specific journal article or a book, or to request material through Library's Inter-Library Loans Service (free).

      Library Catalogue Search Guide provides search tips for effective searching.

      Catalogue Search

        Sign-in (top right of screen) to obtain access to electronic resources.  This "sign-in" is active for about 30 minutes.

        Use Advanced search


             Note: Use capital OR, AND in Catalogue Search

      Indigen* OR "First nations" OR Aborig* OR Indians OR Metis OR Native* OR Inuit*
       joint venture* OR venture capital OR entrepren*

                    Search results

          Limit results to "Subject" (left-hand column, hover on words to select)

        Use Browse Search (top of screen) to find books by a specific author (Drucker, Peter), or title (Indigenous business in Canada) or
          subject (Native business enterprises)

      Browse "Subject"

      Indian business enterprises -- Canada

      Indians Of North America -- British Columbia -- Claims

      Indians of North America -- British Columbia -- Industries

      Indians of North America -- Canada -- Government relations

      Indians of North America -- Employment -- Canada

      Natural resources -- Law and legislation -- Canada

      Government information

      Indigenous and Northern Affairs Canada

      Library and Archives Canada

      Statistics Canada

      Writing help

      For writing support services, check: