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Library guide: MBA, EMBA, EMBA (Aboriginal), MOT, GDBA, and MSc. Finance


Doing business research can be a challenging task.  This guide is to assist student in the SFU Graduate Business Programs learn about some of the resources and Library services which are available for their use.  SFU Library subscribes to many specialized business databases with company, financial, industry and market information (for the exclusive use of SFU users) that are NOT searchable  with "Google."    

Research assistance

You can receive research help by emailing Moninder Lalli, Librarian for Graduate Business Programs (), or through Ask a librarian.

Belzberg Library (in downtown Vancouver) - Belzberg Library Information for Graduate Business Programs

Business information resources: Home

Additional resources lists many guides such as  Company informationMarket research, and Project management to assist with business research. Check the BUEC Buzz  for the latest news about business resources, search tips and sample searches.

Library research guides such as First Nations, Resource and Environmental Management, Government resources can provide additional resources to consider if those topics are pertinent for your business research.  Library tutorials provide a good introduction to library research skills.

MBA research projects may be useful if you want to see examples of previous SFU MBA projects. Online Training Library  has video tutorials (e.g. presentations, project management, writing technical reports) which may sharpen your skills.  The very first time that you log into the database, create your "personal" account within the database to access the tutorials.

Management, company, industry or market information

These guides provide tips and resources: Company information, Industry surveysMarket research, Additional resources

Only 4 Steps: Researching in Academic Business Journals (6.30 mins. video tutorial) 
     A very small portion is out of date (the portion that points you to SFU Library's previous Home page). Content is still relevant.

Selected business databases

Business Source Complete (a key resource) - includes articles from scholarly and trade journals, industry reports, country profiles and more.

  • Do a literature search on your chosen topic. 
  • Add selected articles to the "Folder" (top of screen) and email results.  When emailing your selected articles from within the Folder, you can also choose a "citation style" such as APA, MLA, or Chicago. 
  • If full-text is NOT available within the database then use the "Get@SFU" icon to see if the Library has a copy.

Sample search

Start with keywords for your topic (see "Only 4-Steps" tutorial, above)

Research topic: Motivating the milleninals

 Concept map:  

  motiv* or "job satisfaction" or "employee turnover"
millenial* or "baby boomer*" or "generation Y" or yuppies

  Use an asterisk (*) to search for various endings of a "root" word and use quotation marks ("") to search for a "phrase"
  Limit search results to "Scholarly" articles and further limit by "Subject"

    Search results

CBCA Full Text Business - for a "Canadian" perspective

Business article databases by area of concentration: Accounting, Finance, HR/Management and Organizational Studies, International Business, Management Information Systems, Management Science, Marketing

Books and journals

Find a particular journal or newspaper

Guide:  Moving from citation to article: Find the full text of an article from the article citation.

Find Books

Library Catalogue Search Guide - provides search tips for effective searching.

Library Research Skills [interactive tutorial] - in Canvas provides a good grounding on

Use Catalogue Search to find books at SFU Library.  Books often provide a more "in-depth" treatment of a topic in one place while journal articles tend to focus on a more narrow aspect of a topic.

  Use Browse Search tab (top of screen) to search by author or subject

  •    Change: "Browse by" from "Title" to "Author", and enter "Last name"and then the "First name": Armstrong, Michael
  •    Change: "Browse by" from "Title" to "Subject", and enter subject terms such as Business planning, Derivatives, Employee motivation,
                                                                                                                                                      Small business marketing, etc.

  Use "Advanced search" for flexibility in searching

    Start with keywords for your topic

Research topic: Motivating the milleninals

 Concept map: 

  employee* OR worker* OR personnel
  motivat* OR job satisfaction

      NOTE:  Use capital "OR", capital "AND" for correct search logic
                   Asterisk (*) searches for various endings of a "root" word


Any Field: Subject   Contains: (employee* OR worker* OR personnel) AND (motivat* OR job satisfaction)  Resource type: Books

           Limit results by Subject (left-hand column).  Sort for newest first.
           Select a book which looks relevant and click on its "subject" link (from within its "full record") to find more books on that topic.

 Selected Library books


      Researching topics related to First Nations

      In addition to business sources, it would be helpful to use the resources listed on the First Nations Library research guide and its sub-guides (Business & Economic Development, Land Claims, Law). In addition there are two portals which provide information by topics?

      Selected databases for journal articles and documents

      • Indigenous Peoples: North America - A database with extensive monographs, manuscripts, newspapers, periodicals and photographs about Indigenous populations in North America.
      • America: History and Life - This database will provide access to scholarly journals for Canadian & United States history.
      • Native Health Databases - The Native Health Databases contain bibliographic information and abstracts of health-related articles, reports, surveys, and other resource documents pertaining to the health and health care of American Indians, Alaska Natives, and Canadian First Nations.

      More First Nations databases

      Selected subject headings

      Help with business writing and citing (APA)


      For information on writing support services to SFU graduate researchers across all disciplines (including consultations, workshops, and the "Read Ahead Service", see Writing Services Offered by the Research Commons. Check their Upcoming workshops. 


      Citing and writing: Business information sources

      The above guide will provide examples of how to cite business sources using the APA citation style.