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BUS 720: Special Topics: Foreign Market Entry


Key Database: Factiva

Many of the sources listed below are focused on reports that contain prepared SWOT, 5-Forces, and PESTLE analyses. As exciting as it might be to find such timesaving sources, no analysis is perfect and most aren't as current as you'll need.  In addition, such analyses do not take into account the specific combination of company & country that you will be researching -- a company's supposed strengths and opportunities may actually be weaknesses and threats in some situations.

You will need to search through the latest business, general, and industry news to really understand your company, its competitors and industry, and the current situation in your target country. Our best source for such news searches is Factiva.  

Start in the Companies/Markets part of Factiva (top navigation bar) to find recent news and key developments for your target company, but explore the other search options as well, especially the Factiva Expert Searches.

Company information

TIP: Choosing a target company: In general, largerpublicly-traded, and business-to-consumer companies are better covered by key resources.  Smaller, private, and B2B companies tend to be more difficult to research for this sort of assignment.

MarketLine & MedTrack company reports via Business Source Complete

  • The MarketLine reports in this series tend to have deeper information such as SWOT analyses -- the Medtrack ones, which focus on biomedical firms, offer surface details only.

Business Source Complete

  • Click on Company Information (top of screen in Business Source), then search for your company or its key competitors. Once you get to a page about your company, use the Related Information links on the left side of the screen to find relevant news articles and reports.

GlobalData company profiles (via LexisNexis)

  • Descriptive information (competitors, products, etc.) on thousands of companies, plus much deeper information on the largest companies: Corporate Strategy, Financial and Operational Data, SWOT Analysis, Value Chain Analysis, etc. Focus your search on a single company using the following search format: company(your target company here).
  • Sample: GlobalData - SWOT Analysis, 03/08/2016, lululemon athletica inc.

Passport GMID

  • For many companies that sell fast moving consumer goods (FMCGs), Passport offers brief company profiles that highlight key strategic issues. try searching for Westjet to get an understanding of the company reports and articles available in this database, such as "WestJet Airlines Ltd in Travel and Tourism (Canada)".


  • LexisNexis contains a wide range of business reference and news sources. Start by selecting the Search by Subject or Topic tab at the top, then choosing Dossier(Company, Executive, & Industry) and searching for your company. 
MORE?  Need more resources?  Try the following research guides: 

Industry information

TIP: Try searching in Factiva for news articles that mention two or more key companies in your industry. Such articles are often relevant to the overall industry and may prove useful.

MarketLine Industry Profiles via Business Source Complete

  • There are also some MarketLine reports in our MINT Global database via the Search Industry Research button on MINT's home screen. 


  • IBISWorld offers a China-specific collection of reports (none on India or Brazil),but the reports focused on the US or Canada or the Global report series may also have useful/broad information about your target industry.


  • TechNavio reports have a market-forecast focus, rather than an industry focus, but are still worth checking.  The collection some reports that are focused on Brazil, China, or India -- it's simplest to search for your target industry/product, then use the limiting options to the left of your results to focus on a specific country.  Note that the Global reports may also have some useful information.
  • These reports often include a 5-Forces analysis.

Passport GMID

  • As with TechNavio above, Passport is more focused on markets than industries. However, such analysis and statistics on sales trends, key players, and brand shares should prove valuable.  Look for reports such as "Alcoholic drinks in Brazil" to get a feeling for the sort of information available.

MarketLine industry reports via Business Source Complete

  • Includes hundreds of reports that focus on Brazil / China / India / Global industries.
  • Add further terms to the searches above to focus them on industries that are relevant to your topic.
  • There are also some MarketLine reports in our MINT Global database via the Search Industry Research button on MINT's home screen.
 MORE? Need more industry profile sources?  Start with our guide to Industry Surveys.

Country information

Country Commercial Guides - US

  • Provides details on very BUS-720 relevant topics for most countries, such as "market entry strategy", "trade barriers", and "import tariffs".  All such topics aren't industry-specific, but they may still give you a foundation to build upon.
  • The Canadian equivalent of would be Export Development Canada.  EDC doesn't provide as much freely available information as, but they do have some great links to other country-specific sources.  Check out their Brazil, India, and China pages to start.

MarketLine country profiles (via Business Source Complete)

  • Includes regularly-updated reports on India / Brazil / China 
  • MarketLine country reports generally include PESTLE analyses. As always, though, be sure to check other sources to gather enough information so that you can create your own PESTLE analysis.

Business Source Complete

  • Click on Country Reports (right side of the search screen in Business Source), then choose the By Country tab and browse for your target country. This will get you to reports by such publishers as the PRS Group (Political Risk Service) and IHS Global. Most of these reports won't include PESTLE sections, but they will include information that would help you complete your own PESTLE analysis.

GlobalEDGE: Insights by Country

  • A good portal to key country information from many core sources on the web.
  • Start with their Brazil / India / China pages.

Passport GMID

  • Passport doesn't provide PESTLE analyses, but if you look for its demographic and economic information (with forecasts) as well as its "Consumer Lifestyles in ..." and "Retailing in ..." [insert your country name] reports, you'll likely gain some insights that help you complete your own analysis.

BMI Research (via LexisNexis)

  • Search several Business Monitor Report series at once. Try focusing your search on specific companies by entering COUNTRY(your country name). Focus, especially, on the results in the BMI Operational Risk Report series.

MORE?  Try the many resources listed in our huge International Market Research guide.

Citing & presenting

Citing your sources

You also need to correctly cite all of the books, journal articles, and sites that you used in your research. Start with the SFU Library Writing & Citing guides for APA assistance (general and business-specific). 

Learning how to properly credit others when you use their ideas is a difficult, but important part of research. Start with the SFU Library's interactive tutorial "Understanding and Avoiding Plagiarism" to test yourself and to learn more about plagiarism. Also read the SFU Library Guide on Plagiarism for further discussion of this critical topic and for links to other plagiarism guides.

Support for presentations

SFU Library has many books (including e-books) on “business presentations” and “public speaking.”  Start with this guide to such resources.  The Library also loans digital projectors you could borrow to use within the library and offers bookable meeting rooms in which you could practice.


Getting help

a. Come to the help desks on the main floor of our Surrey, Burnaby, or Vancouver branches.   Reference Librarians can help you consider other ways to approach a research problem, choose key databases, search for articles and books here or at other libraries, search for web resources...

b.  If you are researching from off-campus, you could try contacting our reference librarians via telephone, chat, or email using our Ask a Librarian services.

c.  You are also welcome to email me (Mark: or Moninder ( with your questions. It makes things much more efficient if you start your email by explaining...

  • what class you are in (so we have an idea of your assignment and background);
  • when the assignment is due;
  • what exactly you are after (saying that you need research on "Lululemon and India" is far too broad - saying that you need to know how to find "consumer trends in India involving athletic clothing" is better (though not necessarily simpler!));
  • where you have you looked so far (have you tried Factiva, Passport GMID, Business Source Complete, etc.?);
  • and what search terms you tried when you searched.


Want to keep on top of the many business/economics resources available here and elsewhere? Start by browsing the BUEC Buzz blog!

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