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BUS 447: Global Marketing Management

Read First:  Be sure to check our main International Market Research guide as well as our Industry Surveys guide for more resource suggestions. Think beyond Peru/Ghana and your industry!  Look for information from other countries & industries that you can apply to the specific situation you are researching.

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This resource guide has two main sections - General and Industry-Focused - with  subsections by the type of source. You will probably find that you need to scan most of these resources, even those on other industries and other countries, to get the most complete picture of your target country &industry, and of the type of solution you will be proposing.


Government and Intergovernmental Agencies


Note: You may need to run some of the Peruvian pages through a translator site/service such as Google Translate or use Chrome's built-in translation feature as many Peruvian sites and publications are only available in Spanish.


Other nations and intergovernmental organizations

Ebooks & Reports

Recent Country Reports and Data

Other sources of statistics and analysis


  • Factiva
    • ​Contains such publications as Peruvian TimesPeru Reports, and Business and Financial Times (Ghana)
    • Choose Sources > Select Source Category > By Region > Latin America > Peru to focus on Peruvian publications
    • Choose Sources > Select Source Category > By Region > Africa > West Africa > Ghana to focus on publications from Ghana.
    • Or try Region > Latin America > Peru for stories about  Peru and Region > Africa > West Africa > Ghana for stories about  Ghana in publications from around the world
  • Andina (local Peru news)
  • PressReader
    • Page image versions of recent issues from 18 Peruvian newspapers & magazines. All are in Spanish, but there is a translation feature built into the database. Sadly, no Ghana-specific publications in this database, although there are some from other African countries.


Many international agencies already have economic/social development projects underway in Peru. You might be able to learn from their experiences. These are a few samples: 


Note: Many of the industry-focused sites listed below are government agencies. You should also search news and web sources for information about companies, associations, and projects relevant to your topic.

Textiles, Footwear, Leather