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Trial: Cities & Survey modules in our Passport GMID database

Published November 29, 2013 by Mark Bodnar

We have a short-term trial underway for a couple new modules in our super-popular Passport GMID database. Would love to hear your opinions!  Do you think the modules below would be useful in your research and teaching?  Let us know!

  • Mark (Burnaby) -
  • Megan (Vancouver) -
  • Andrea (Surrey) -

Note: This trial ends on Dec. 6th. (Update - trial extended to Jan. 24, 2014)  Not much time, but it's only for some small add-on modules, not an entire database.  We're hoping that's enough time for us to kick the tires a bit, but we can ask for extensions of necessary. And now the details...

  • Cities: access within Passport GMID from the top navigation bar: Countries & Consumers --> Cities.

Cities is a "standardised socio-economic database and report library of the world’s major metropolitan areas, covering 850 cities worldwide.  [...]  The database provides up to 270 socio-economic indicators for 850 cities, while the fully cross-comparable reports provide the data plus expert analysis of 120 the major cities.  Including historic data from 2005 to 2011 and forecasts to 2020, the data profiles and analysis examine economic indicators such as; GDP and employment breakdowns, number and types of businesses, full demographic breakdowns, CPI inflation, household incomes, consumer expenditure, registered vehicles, air pollution, tourist arrivals and more." Cities covered range from Abu Dhabi to Zurich.

  • Survey: access within Passport GMID from the top navigation bar.

Survey "aggregates data and analysis from consumer surveys worldwide, involving thousands of individual consumers in emerging and developed markets." Sample topics: dining out, green consumers, automobile preferences, mothers, executive travelers, and vegetarianism.