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Online marketing and web analytics (BUS 441)

Published by Mark Bodnar

I hear that our BUS 441 students are embarking on a project that will have them designing marketing campaigns using WordPress websites, FaceBook ads, and Google AdWords, all while gathering data and adjusting their campaigns.

I'm sure the instructor will be providing detailed readings and guidance, but I thought I'd highlight a few of the other resources that might prove useful for such activities.

If nothing else, this list might be helpful for other SFU researchers interested in similar topics.

1. If you're someone who learns best through multimedia, start with our Lynda.com Online Training Library for such video courses as: 

  • Google AdWords Essential Training
  • WordPress Essential Training
  • Online Marketing Fundamentals
  • Google Analytics Essential Training 
  • SEO: Keyword Strategy in Depth 

2. Moving on to ebooks and books... 

3. If you've been exploring some of the sample ebook titles above, you may have noticed that many of them are from our Safari Tech Books Online collection of ebooks.

Try searching/browsing Safari directly as it contains many such hands-on, practical resources.

Hope that helps!

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-- MarkB


Business & Economics Librarian