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Short, sweet, and to the point... Oxford's Very Short Introductions to hundreds of topics

Published November 7, 2018 by Mark Bodnar

Photo of a few books from the Very Short Introduction seriesHave you ever been at a party (or in a tutorial... same thing...) when someone brought up a peripheral topic -- not core to your usual research area, but apparently relevant to your studies? 

As a seasoned scholar who understands that knowledge doesn't live in isolated silos, you certainly want to learn a bit more about such peripheral topics. 

As always, though, time is tight. As much as you love the depth of the millions of books in our collection, you really just need a reasonably brief overview of the topic...

<Read on to learn about read-on-a-bus intros to complex topics!>

Market Research for EntrepreNorth: #1 - Intro

Published October 26, 2018 by Mark Bodnar

These next few posts are intended for the participants in the EntrepreNorth program supported by SFU Radius, but they may prove useful for any entrepreneur who is at an early stage in their market planning.

My aim with these posts is try to give shape and direction to what can often be a nebulous and confusing process: secondary market research.  Along the way, I hope to touch on some big-picture questions...

<Read on for the intro to this series.>

Market Research for EntrepreNorth: #2 - Why

Published October 26, 2018 by Mark Bodnar

Experience & instinct are a good starting place…

I’m guessing that you’ve been living with your product idea – mulling it over for months, if not years – and perhaps you’ve already been working in the industry.  

You know your product already, and you probably have a pretty good idea who your main customers might be and how to reach them.

<Read on to read about the power & pitfall of relying on instinct & experience!>


Open access! Seven decades of historical public opinion polls & guide

Published October 25, 2018 by Mark Bodnar
Great news for those of who like both public opinion polls and open access to lots and lots of data!

Ontario University Libraries openly release over seven decades of historical public opinion polls and guide

In advancement of library open access and collaborative stewardship of digital data in Canada, Ontario university libraries are pleased to announce the release of over seven decades of important public opinion data to the broader academic community and the public.
Included in the collection are...

<Read on for the details!>

Local public opinion poll results

Published October 18, 2018 by Mark Bodnar

Line drawing of a stick figure next to a basic pie chartAs you may have noticed, getting local public opinion data can be quite frustrating.

Metro Vancouver is very small on a global scale. Even BC, with less than 5 million residents sprinkled across almost a million km2, makes up only 0.06% of the global population, so it shouldn't be surprising to research a topic and only find surveys and polls done in Toronto, New York, Beijing, and beyond.

However... there are some good sources of local public opinion polling that you should consider bookmarking and checking often. I thought I'd highlight a few today...

<Read on for free local polling data!>

Economics books: From love & art to war & disasters

Published September 27, 2018 by Mark Bodnar

I'm mentioned before that the giant umbrella of economics seems to cover almost every other subject, and I've discussed the fact that pretty much anything that involves means & ends, desires & decisions, or creation & consumption has an economics perspective.  

That broad definition is obvious from a quick scan of the titles listed below. These new books and ebooks -- all available for SFU researchers -- touch on the economics of everything from love, art & happiness all the way through to war, nuclear proliferation & natural disasters

<Read on for books on love, art, war, disasters, and more!>


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