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Modeling the economic effect of a Trump victory: New feature in Passport

Published September 14, 2016 by Mark Bodnar

Back in August, I mentioned Macro Model, a new macroeconomic modeling tool in our Passport database that allows you to model the effect of major events (e.g., a Disorderly Brexit or a recession in China) on various national economies (see: Modeling major economic events for your strategic planning).

I couldn't resist a quick update: As of today, the Macro Model tool now includes a Donald Trump scenario among the events that you can build into your modeling...

MediaToil: database of media content concerning the oil sands

Published September 13, 2016 by Mark Bodnar

To be honest, I'm really not sure what business or economics class or project might require this resource, but it was just too cool not to share...

MediaToil: Studying the evolution and media struggle over Canada's bituminous sands
Mediatoil is a SSHRC funded research project interested in the competing media representations of Canada’s bituminous sands - also known as oil or tar sands - as seen through the promotional images and documents created by key stakeholders.

On taste tests and primary research (redux)

Published September 11, 2016 by Mark Bodnar

I thought I'd repost (with updates) a note I wrote last year because I understand that the assignment it was written to support is back this term.  As always, although the tips herein are intended for a specific class, I suspect there may be broader value to all SFU researchers who are doing primary market research.  -- MB 

I understand that a couple of our classes are going to be doing some primary consumer/market research this term in which they focus on taste tests.  

Hot topic for Week 1: Does the library have a copy of my textbook?

Published September 6, 2016 by Mark Bodnar

Happy September, everyone!  It's wonderful to see the huge increase in the energy level of campus.  We've missed you all!

I thought I'd repost (with updated links) a note I wrote a few years ago about the most common question in the library at this time of term.  Hope it's helpful...

QuestionDoes the library have a copy of my textbook?


Worldwide Casebook in Marketing Management... and on finding cases in general

Published August 23, 2016 by Mark Bodnar

I just noticed that an ebook I ordered last week is already here and available for your reading/teaching enjoyment: 

Worldwide Casebook in Marketing Management

From the publisher: 

Worldwide Casebook in Marketing Management comprises a large collection of case studies in marketing and business management. It covers a huge array of decision-making areas and many different industries ranging from computers, petrol retailing and electronic gaming to drinks, fashion, airlines and mobile communication...

New name & more content: Canadian Newsstand now Canadian Newsstream

Published August 22, 2016 by Mark Bodnar

Just a quick heads-up about some changes to our main Canadian news database: 

New name: Canadian Newsstand is now Canadian Newsstream 

​New content: The old Newsstand product contained major papers from across Canada (G&M, National Post, Vancouver Sun, etc.) as well as many small-market papers from here in BC (Burnaby Now, Vancouver Courier, etc.)  The new Canadian Newsstream product has all that, as well as dozens more small-market papers from throughout Canada (Airdrie City View to York Guardian) and transcripts from several major CBC and CTV news shows.

Why you should care...

On the economics of a marijuana industry - redux

Published August 22, 2016 by Mark Bodnar

I just noticed an interesting new videocast in our Passport database:  Opportunities for Alcoholic Drinks and Tobacco in Legal Cannabis in the US (22 Aug 2016: 4 minutes). Sample: "Alcoholic drinks and tobacco are facing the ascent of the legal cannabis industry in the United States. Accounting for US$7 billion in 2015, and with half the states already having legalized use, the legal cannabis industry could also play the role of a huge disruptor. "

This reminded me that I once wrote a post on the economics of a legal marijuana industry... 

Women in the workforce: Statistics, causes, and issues

Published August 17, 2016 by Mark Bodnar
Source: Statistics Canada

I see that Statistics Canada has just released the results of a study on The Canada–US gap in women's labour market participation, 1997 to 2015.  (Spoiler: The two countries had similar, and rising, rates until about 1976, then Canada's participation rate continued to climb while the US rate began to decline, to the extent that there is now 7-point gap between us on this measure.)

As is often the case, these numbers raise all sorts of questions...

Free resume booster for SFU researchers: Bloomberg Market Concepts

Published August 15, 2016 by Mark Bodnar
Source: Bloomberg Institute

A quick heads-up to all SFU researchers who deal with financial data from both companies and nations: did you know that you can boost your resume/CV and your LinkedIn profile with an official Bloomberg certification?  The Bloomberg Market Concepts (BMC) course is available at no extra charge to all SFU students and faculty1

BMC is an 8-hour, self-paced, e-learning course...

The Multicultural Mind - new book by SFU Beedie author!

Published August 4, 2016 by Mark Bodnar

Hey, I just noticed a new book in our collection by one of our illustrious international business profs: Dave Thomas!  Congrats to Dave on the publication of "The multicultural mind : unleashing the hidden force for innovation in your organization."

Note that we have both print and online copies of this book... SFU researchers can read it anywhere, anytime!

From the publisher:  Organizations need innovation, and there is a powerful source right under their noses...


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