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Proximity searching: search with a laser instead of a floodlight

Published May 28, 2015 by Mark Bodnar

I thought I'd resurrect this older post as it is still very relevant and useful. (MarkB)


Image of a floodlightFor most searches in our databases, the basic syntax of (A and B) works fine. (E.g., (librarians and cool).)  For some more complex topics, it's necessary to add in some synonyms: ((A or B) and (C or D)). (E.g., ((librarians or libraries) and (cool or awesome)).) 

Researching the Millennium Development Goals

Published May 12, 2015 by Mark Bodnar

I just noticed that one of the major academic publishers has opened up free access to many of their journal articles for a limited time in support of the Millenium Development Goals. [...]

In fact, SFU researchers already have access to almost all of the same articles, but a curated collection like this is still useful: if you are researching poverty, sustainability, gender equality, or any of the other MDGs, it can be very handy to have someone pre-select some initial readings for you... and you can always branch out by exploring the references in those articles... <more>

Searching for news photos: Hidden feature in Factiva

Published March 23, 2015 by Mark Bodnar

This is one of those odd little search tricks that needs to be written down for that one time you might need it: You can search for news photos from sources such as the Associated Press and the South China Morning Post within Factiva (via the SFU Library).Factiva screencapture

On personal finance, mutual funds, tax season, and more...

Published February 27, 2015 by Mark Bodnar

As we approach that magic time of year when people scramble to file their taxes and round out their RRSP investments, our minds naturally turn to the joys of mutual funds, tax guides, and personal finance in general.  We thought we'd highlight a few SFU Library resources that touch on such areas. Let's start with Fund Profiler, where you can get...


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