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Flint, Michigan and Beyond! Data via ICPSR

Published by Mark Bodnar

A big thank-you to SFU's Data Librarian, Carla Graebner, for pointing me toward a new open data source -- one that gives me an opportunity to talk about another resource of broader interest.

Let's start with the single open data source...

Learn your rights & responsibilities - attend a Copyright for Instructors workshop!

Published by Mark Bodnar

Do you...

    • Upload readings or other materials into Canvas?
    • Include photosdiagrams or maps in your PowerPoint slides?
    • Use blogs or social media in your courses?
    • Use teaching materials you find online

    All of these activities involve copyright.

    Join SFU's Copyright Office at each campus, when we will explain...

    Modeling the economic effect of a Trump victory: New feature in Passport

    Published by Mark Bodnar

    Back in August, I mentioned Macro Model, a new macroeconomic modeling tool in our Passport database that allows you to model the effect of major events (e.g., a Disorderly Brexit or a recession in China) on various national economies (see: Modeling major economic events for your strategic planning).

    I couldn't resist a quick update: As of today, the Macro Model tool now includes a Donald Trump scenario among the events that you can build into your modeling...

    MediaToil: database of media content concerning the oil sands

    Published by Mark Bodnar

    To be honest, I'm really not sure what business or economics class or project might require this resource, but it was just too cool not to share...

    MediaToil: Studying the evolution and media struggle over Canada's bituminous sands
    Mediatoil is a SSHRC funded research project interested in the competing media representations of Canada’s bituminous sands - also known as oil or tar sands - as seen through the promotional images and documents created by key stakeholders.

    On taste tests and primary research (redux)

    Published by Mark Bodnar

    I thought I'd repost (with updates) a note I wrote last year because I understand that the assignment it was written to support is back this term.  As always, although the tips herein are intended for a specific class, I suspect there may be broader value to all SFU researchers who are doing primary market research.  -- MB 

    I understand that a couple of our classes are going to be doing some primary consumer/market research this term in which they focus on taste tests.  

    Hot topic for Week 1: Does the library have a copy of my textbook?

    Published by Mark Bodnar

    Happy September, everyone!  It's wonderful to see the huge increase in the energy level of campus.  We've missed you all!

    I thought I'd repost (with updated links) a note I wrote a few years ago about the most common question in the library at this time of term.  Hope it's helpful...

    QuestionDoes the library have a copy of my textbook?