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Data PLUS analysis? And it's free? Yay, StatsCan!

Published by Mark Bodnar

Those who have been part of one of our class presentations may have heard us talk about the need to "go to the source" when doing research -- always try to figure out who has the most direct access to the data you need AND would be likely to make it public.

When it comes to  data on the Canadian economy and society, that source is often Statistics Canada. Which brings me to today's Buzz item...

On the business of Hallowe’en (redux)

Published by Mark Bodnar

With just days to go until that special spooky night, it seems a good time to resurrect an old post: On the business of Hallowe’en.  Check it out for reports, analysis, and more on the monetary implications of all those ghosts, ghouls, and gremlins.

Two trials: iPolitics and Criterion on Demand

Published by Mark Bodnar

The SFU Library has a couple new database trials underway. Neither are purely bus/econ-focused resources, but I'm sure we can all agree that both business and economics have very wide scopes -- almost anything is potentially useful to a good bus/econ researcher!

So, with that in mind, maybe kick the doors on these databases and let us know what you think: