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New to SFU! BCC Research: Sci-tech market analysis

Published by Mark Bodnar

I am very pleased to announce that SFU researchers now have access to the full collection of reports by BCC Research!

BCC Research reports offer: 

"... analysis of global market sizing, forecasting and industry intelligence, covering markets where advances in science and technology are improving the quality, standard and sustainability of businesses, economies and lives."

Categories covered range from Advanced Materials to Semiconductor Manufacturing, touching on topics as diverse as medical devices, quantum dots, geothermal energy... <Read on for more!>

Home automation: Samples of amazing Frost & Sullivan content

Published by Mark Bodnar

I was just scanning some industry news about smart homes when I came across a mention of a Frost & Sullivan forecast in an article by ITEuropa: European Home Automation Set for Double Digit Growth.: [...]

Being an opportunist, how could I resist a quick plug for our recently acquired Frost & Sullivan database? Check out these recent and relevant reports on the same topic from F&S.

<Read on for more!>

Data Sources for BUS 430

Published by Mark Bodnar

I understand that our BUS 430 students (Cross-Cultural Management) are going to be looking for some secondary data sources to test various hypotheses. I thought I'd list a few of my favourite sources that might fit their needs.  

In no particular order, my recommendations are... 

Copyright for Instructors - Answers now to save angst later!

Published by Mark Bodnar

​Calling all instructors... 

Have you ever been in the middle of planning a lecture when you suddenly wondered if showing that video (or copying that chapter... or making a slide from that artistic work) was allowed within copyright laws, policies, and guidelines?

Such quandaries tend to happen at the last minute -- often at midnight! Why not spend an hour now to save some worry later?